Maklev Blames Govt Agency of Discrimination against Chareidi Families


makSpeaking from the Knesset podium, MK (Yahadut Hatorah) R’ Uri Maklev blamed the Economy Ministry of discriminating against chareidi families.

“The abuse of working mothers by the minister of the Economy and criteria that does not make sense results in these working mothers not receiving financial assistance for daycare centers and their homes. This results in her entire salary being used to fund daycare. It is interesting that the Ministry of the Economy fails to use judgment and logic as it does in matters of neglect” state Maklev.

The chareidi MK was speaking during a session addressing a bill to control dangerous toys.

Maklev asked to be permitted to address the plenum, using the opportunity to ask Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett about new regulations pertaining to daycare subsidies, “not just the dangerous toys but the bread and milk for the children too” he stated. He spoke of the ministry’s role in partially funding for daycare and nurseries while arbitrarily made the criteria impossible for thousands of chareidi women who next year will no longer be eligible for assistance.

The criteria assert the father is working a minimum of ten hours weekly. In the past, for as long as the father was in kollel this was not required. However, because of the new status for many of them related to the draft law, as one receiving a deferment from service, the ministry has ruled many of them are no longer eligible for funding assistance. Despite all efforts to address the matter, Maklev accuses Bennett of ignoring the issue at the expense of the young chareidi couples and their small children.

“Mothers work to feed and support their families but the minister of the economy has announced new regulations setting new criteria for subsidy eligibility. While the goal is to encourage them to get out and work, the minister does just the opposite by withdrawing assistance. Is a working mother ineligible because her husband does not work? Does the Ministry of the Economy want to punish the husband by hurting the wife and children? At the end of the day the mother’s entire salary, often minimum wage; goes to finance daycare and nurseries for the children. Bottom line is that there is a major lack of discretion in significant matters” concluded Maklev.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. 1. Complaining about anti-hareidi discrimination in Eretz Yisrael today is similar to complaining about discrimination against African Americans in the American South of 90 years ago. It is not only obvious, but is by design.

    2. I believe the government feels that it is wasting money by paying for child care for families in which the husband is learning Torah, since they consider Torah to be leisure time activity with no social value. The new public policy in Israel is to discourage Torah, and the new rules on child care are consistent with that policy.

  2. If one parent is considered “not working” why should they not be taking care of the children instead of letting the govt foot the bill?
    When both parents are working it is in the interest of the govt to fund daycare since 2 working people (in well paid jobs) provide more value then the cost of daycare…

    If one parent is a student (ie. not working) and the other is working there is also no govt. subsidized day care, if the place of learning has enough students like that they may arrange something…

    What does it say in the kesuva again?