Schumer: More Help Needed To Fight Tax Refund Fraud


SchuU.S. Sen. Charles Schumer used this year’s tax day deadline to call for more help for the victims of tax refund fraud.

The New York Democrat told reporters Wednesday that he is pushing legislation introduced by Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida that would create a new resource at the Internal Revenue Service for the victims of refund fraud, which he says affected 70,000 New Yorkers and 2.3 million Americans last year.

Tax refund fraud occurs when thieves use a person’s Social Security number or other piece of information to submit a bogus tax return in order to claim their refund.

The bill would also require the IRS to issue tax refunds to victims within 90 days. Schumer says cases now take 300 days to be resolved on average.



  1. Create a “new resource”? That’s code for a new tax. So they’re going to charge everyone more taxes to reimburse those people who get defrauded. Why should ALL Americans have to pay for the minority who get scammed? Typical democrat speak.