Terror Victim Mrs. Fruman: I Don’t Believe the Terrorist Tried to Kill Me


tEarlier this week, Mrs. Michal Fruman of Tekoa, who is 4.5 months pregnant, was victim to a Palestinian stabbing attack in the yishuv. B’chasdei Hashem she is recovering in Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

When recalling the attack on Tuesday, 9 Shevat, Mrs. Fruman explained the young man, who appeared strange, came into the second hand clothing store and began “mumbling strange things”. She recounts when the sales girls heard his Arabic accent they instructed him to leave while shouting at her to call security.

She recounts “I did not have my phone with me. I was concerned he would get nervous due to the shouts so I moved closer to him in an effort to understand what he wanted. He came to me with something in his hand and while I realized it was a knife, I did not want to believe it. I stepped back and he missed the first time but hit me in the shoulder the second attempt”.

She explains he only stabbed her once and fled and he could have killed her so she does not believe that was his intentions. She explains that perhaps he was sent or forced to do this.

Following the attack her husband, Shivi Fruman, a son of the late Rabbi Menachem Fruman z”l told reporters the attack in no way changes his hashkafa and belief it is possible to live with the Arabs in peace.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They may be right about being able to live together in peace, as would be the case with anyone. Though, their politicians, families & especially mothers, have to want peace. At the same time, they have to stop educating and indoctrinating their children into thinking that the way to end their current situation is through violence.

    ISIS/Taliban/Al Qaeda is not going to make life better for them than what the Israeli secular society would have to offer.

  2. …. And I thought that the media was in denial about trump!. Wow does this last news a serious reality check! Maybe they can do it once their in the hospital!?

  3. Of course it is possible to live with them in peace, unless of course they stab you to death, which is their idea of a day’s fun. Wake up Mr Furman and smell the coffee.

  4. Nah, his intention wasn’t to knife Jews…He was simply carrying a knife to carve his ribsteak that he as going to eat in a five star restaurant wearing his second hand clothing. Nebach, poor Arab, he was simply misunderstood…

  5. To all those that are being cynical:
    First of all, she was there and based on her evaluation of what happened she was under the impression that he did not want to kill her. Why is that naive? Were you there?
    Also, it’s a wonderful thing that she wants peace and believes in a day that all people can live together. Just because there are bad people around and we are going through rough times now, does not mean that we shouldn’t be optimistic.
    Oh, and Donald Trump? Don’t get me started…

  6. If the terrorist struck a major artery they would say it was an accidental murder.

    I don’t believe it’s possible for the Israelis and the Arabs to live in peace now – maybe in a future where extremism and hate from all parties is expunged but things are just stupid now.

  7. To #8 Smile4life

    Do your research – she is a daughter in law of a known peace activist, how credible and unbiased do you judge her ‘evaluation’ to be????

  8. How would she know if he was going to kill her or not? When you are indoctrinated with the thought process of Fohrman — this is your belief system!

  9. She didn’t think he wanted to kill her so she moved close to him because she couldn’t imagine he would want to kill her. Then he tried to kill her but got freaked out so he decided to run for his own life rather than to continue stabbing her. And she still thinks he didn’t want to kill her.

    But saying she’s right and he didn’t want to kill her but he was under coercion. If that’s the case then SOMEONE else wanted her dead. Whether it was the guy with the knife or the guy who sent him, the fact is someone had very hopeful intentions that she would die that day.