VIDEO: Congressman Vapes During Debate To Protest E-Cigarette Flight Ban



A Republican Congressman’s smoky stunt during a debate on banning the use of electronic cigarettes on planes ended up being vaporized on Thursday, HuffPost reports.

California Rep. Duncan Hunter busted out his vaporizer in a House Transportation Committee hearing today while debating an amendment from Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC, that would formally ban the use of vaporizers and e-cigarettes on airplanes.

Hunter, in an effort to demonstrate the devices are safe to use, pulled his own vaporizer out and took a drag, blowing out a cloud of vaporized liquid.

“This is called a vaporizer,” he explained, as his neighbor, Rep. Candace Miller, R-Michigan, waved the smoke away.

But his plea ultimately proved futile as the committee, marking up its Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act, voted to approve Norton’s amendment on a 33-26 vote.

Most of the world’s major airlines ban vaping, but it now looks set for a federal restriction, FOX5 reports.

Norton said it would work alongside the existing banning of cigarettes in airline cabins as a health risk and e-cigarettes in checked bags due to fire concerns.

(With reporting by ABC News)