Lecturer at Israel’s Beit Berel College: Hang the Supreme Court Judges


chnA lecturer at Beit Berel College, Dr. Anat Rimon has created a storm with a Facebook post in which she writes “The day will come when High Court of Justice justices will be tried for treason. I hope that hang as the last of the criminals against humanity for all the horrors that they helped do to the Palestinians, the miscarriage of justice to Israelis, and on tilting the law in favor of those who are oppressors of our vital resources”.

Dr. Rimon lectures on philosophy and sociology at the College of Arts Beit Berel College was responding to a High Court ruling in the case of administrative detainee Mohammed al-Kik, who has been on a hunger strike for 90 days, demanding he be released by Israel or charged with a crime and placed on trial.

Speaking to Walla News, Dr. Rimon decries what Israel is doing to al-Kik, calling it a “betrayal”, the fact he is held without being charged with a crime, without rights and without a trial. She feels the government’s actions are a “betrayal of democracy for which they will be held accountable”.

The post on Facebook appears last week, explaining her words – that this is not what she hopes for but what she believes will happen to the justices due to their actions, calling for an immediate halt of such policies and a “return to sane dialogue” and adhering to the principles of a democratic society.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)