Israel Under Fire from US Administration Over Land Seizure Policy


kerbi2The United States Department of State expressed criticism of Israel on Tuesday, 5 Adar-II, addressing Israel’s land expropriations policy. State Department spokesman John Kirby said “We strongly oppose any steps that accelerate settlement expansion, which raises serious questions about Israel’s long-term intentions,” adding America is concerned that Israel’s expropriation of lands is detrimental to efforts towards implementing the two-state solution.

According to Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) based on a Peace Now report, Israel has expropriated 234 hectares (579 acres) of land in the Dead Sea and Yericho areas, claiming the land as state land.

Kirby reiterated that the US remains opposed to settlement expansion, which he fears creates more problems as efforts continue to reach a long term agreement between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority).

The State Department condemnation came on the heels of another condemnation of Israel, by the United Nations in which Ban Ki-Moon also addressed “settlement activities” by Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The US State Dept does not condemn Hamas (PA) when Jewish men, women and children are slaughter at a bus stop or a seder or a Sbarro restaurant in Yisrael.

    The late PM Sharon gave the PA Gaza. As I write these lines, rockets from Gaza are landing in Sderot, Askelon and other proximate areas, killing/terrorizing Arabs, Jews, Christians, etc. .

    Any “reasonable” leader would silence completely terorists; not so Israel. Just to placate the US and Obama Yisrael does “band-aid” retaliation—at the expense of Jewish lives.

    I will credit Hamas, Hezbullah, the Ayallooah as to their emet. They continually state they will destroy Israel (Heaven forbid !!).

    By a two state solution, —they (Arabs) mean no Israel !!!

    What fools the US State dept is—or better—what antisemites they are !!

    Build o’Israel, build in Judea, build in Samaria, build in all of Yerusalem and build in Gaza, build Jewish settlements !!!

    B’vah’kah’shah, suggest all Jews do more Talmud T_rah, more davening and more Chessed, b’vah’chah’shah for your sake, my sake, Israel’s sake and the sake of the whole world (Olam)

    A goy
    Gerry Mullen

  2. The United States of America condemns another country for expropriating land!!! What about the land the US (and the British/French/Spanish before them) grabbed from the Native Americans? Oh, sorry – that’s history! No it isn’t – they’re still at it. But it’s the US of A, an EXCEPTIONAL country (not actually a “people”). So the rules must be different.
    Because of a few terrorist incidents on American soil, the USA has passed tons of laws that impose their self-importance on the rest of the world; Israel has terrorist atrocities every day, but they’re not important. Countless times the US has intervened in other countries, changing their governments or controlling their lives, yet that’s OK, they’re allowed to do it. I’m surprised they haven’t rewritten the Bible to tell everyone how G-d chose the American people …