Op-Ed: Why Donald Trump For President Isn’t So Crazy


tr[By: Elliot S. Schubin, Esq.]

When Donald Trump first announced he was running for President; the highest and most powerful position in the United States, most people thought it was a joke. He had no team, no platform, no political background, and no ideas as to how to “make America great again.” None- the-less, in the past few months he has truly become a force to be reckoned with.

Shortly after Mr. Trump announced his presidency he climbed to the top of the polls, even more surprisingly he has been able to maintain that lead up until the present day.

What is the problem with Donald Trump as nominee for president?

A recurring statement in an attempt at the media’s debunking of Mr. Trump’s run for the Republican nomination for President, it that he is not “presidential”… What exactly does this term “Presidential” mean? According to the Free Dictio nary the definition for “presidential” is “befitting a president, especially the office of the President of the United States.”

Why has the public placed such importance on this one fact? One popular reason is, that when meeting and dealing with world leaders there is a type of decorum that the president needs to exude to be taken seriously. Currently we have an administration that is “presidential” and how are they treated? It is essentially fact that America’s current foreign policy platform has not worked, America is no longer taken seriously, look at our relationship with the “Middle East” or our relationship with Russia…

When the president of the United States goes anywhere he exudes the power of the office – just think about the motorcade heading down the street or the power of them military which he controls… An individual’s own quirks are not what makes one presidential or not…

Furthermore, if you ask me we have had too many leaders who meet the “presidential” definition but do not have the requisite characteristics required to lead a nation.

The United States of America has been in a downward spiral – the economics of the country are floundering. Good jobs are not being created because economic expansion has stalled. The current administration’s punitive tax and regulatory policies have caused businesses to slow down capital investment and have essentially destroyed small business creation. To help put this in perspective when Ronald Reagan was in office he cut taxes and reduced regulations and the economy expanded at an annualized rate of 3.37% over eight years. At the end of the Reagan administration the US economy had expanded by a cumulative rate of 33%. During the first six years of the current administration they have generated a growth rate of 1.8% which amount to a cumulative growth of 15% over 8 years. Furthermore, during the current administra tion the US population growth has been projected to grow by 6%, so per capita growth is closer to 9% or just over 1% annually. At this rate it would take 40 years to double the economy, which means that if the current administration’s business policies are not reversed workers will have to wait until 2049 to see a major improvement in their standard of living.

Additionally, it must be noted that the current administration has not helped the poor like they claim, the poverty rate was 13.2% when the current administration took office and has increased to 14.55 in 2014.

The US infrastructure ranked 14th in the world this year, a full 7 slots lower than it was in 2008 according to the global Competitiveness report for 2012-2013. This news is based on the collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge in Washington State which fell in to the Skagit River. Public construction spending as a percentage of GDP is lower than it has been in over 20 years. The primary rea son for this is because the Federal and State government has decided to pull back on the infrastructure spending to help balance the budget and has yet to make up the different.

Years ago we were at the forefront of the world, now we have taken a back seat.

We as a country have become complacent with the idea that we are the most powerful country in the world – but in recent memory what have we accomplished?

People do not like Donald Trump because he has all of these outlandish bold ideas, such as building high walls, slowing down illegal immigration, improving our economy, but what did the people think when JFK announced in 1961that we would be in space within a span of 10 years – for that time period that was an outlandish idea. What did people think before Elon Musk created a 100% battery powered electric car, what did people think before Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook? These were all outlandish big ideas that people thought we re crazy until they were a reality. Now look at how they are doing?

People are threatened by Donald Trump, they are busy saying he doesn’t really own real estate, he really doesn’t have as much money as he says, he doesn’t know how to run a business organization, etc… The reality is that he has been part of some major developments, he owns real estate throughout the world, and he has built a profitable organization, and most recently he has become a top contender in the race for republican nominee for president…

America has been stagnant for too long and the people are tired. Someone once told me if we are not moving up then we are moving down – we do not naturally stand in one place. Unfortunately America is standing still and regressing as opposed to progressing.

We need a president with big bold ideas not scared to go against the grain. We need action, not a president who thinks that because we were so great we can now sit i dle and enjoy the view from the oval office.

Maybe America needs a president who is not “presidential,” we need a president who is not scared to fight for what is right. Mr. Trump keeps making comments with regards to renegotiating every deal America has entered into – why is this a terrible concept? Why shouldn’t the Free trade agreements be updated to reflect the current climate? Why is it any worse than Ted Cruz’s statement that he would shut down the IRS…

Our current government does not know how to negotiate. We “negotiated” the Iran deal, and what did America benefit by it? Currently, when there is conflict between Republicans and Democrats, both sides hold their ground and refuse to work through the issues. The office of the president is responsible for bringing together the two parties to work together so that Americans can prosper- unfortunately America has been stagnant for so long, we have forgotten this objective.

The American people want leadership; we want and deserve to see results. Electing another leader from the political establishment will not lead us to the results we as Americans deserve.

We need someone out of the box, someone out of the political establishment, someone who is not bound by party lines. We need someone who understands that digging our feet in the ground and not making any progress by standing still is not what will make America great.

At this point in time, for America to be great again, we need a new type of leader.

By: Elliot S. Schubin, Esq.

Elliot Schubin is an associate at the law firm of Schubin & Isaacs handling all of your real estate and corporate tax needs.


  1. Donald Trump for President is a very BAD idea because Donald Trump is unable to present a coherent plan to address any of the challenges facing this nation. His entire campaign is based on name calling and bullying he has succeeded in his campaign by childishly labeling his opponents as “low energy Jeb”, “little Marco”, “lying Ted” and “crazy Megyn” without engaging them on issues of substance in an intelligent fashion.

    On issues of foreign policy Trump has been totally incoherent. When Hugh Hewitt asked him to name the leaders of ISIS, Hizbullah and Al Qaieda he was unable to and instead whined about “gotcha questions” When asked who he confers with on foreign policy he said “I talk to myself because I have a very good brain” He has contradicted himself regarding his position on Israel and Vladimir Putin, he has expressed support for allowing ISIS to defeat Assad and take control of Syria and has called the Tiananmem square protests “a riot” and that China showed “strength” in putting it down.

    Trump has been equally incoherent on domestic policy when asked in a debate to explain what budget cuts he would make to the Federal budget he was unable to explain. He has proposed introducing tariffs of 35% on imports which will cause the price of goods to rise and likely sink the country into recession.

    Trump has no respect for the rule and has advocated positions that would be considered war crimes if they were to be carried out. He has promised the impossible, such as ban Muslim entry to the US even though in most cases it is impossible to identify who is actually a Muslim.

    Trump has been coarse, vulgar and foul mouthed which is “unpresidential” and immoral. He ruins the moral decency of this country. His personal life has been one of immorality.

    It should be rather obvious that Donald Trump is quite unfit to lead this great country.

  2. Trump has the symptoms of a NARCISSIST. Check out what’s a narcissist. A toxic person. Don’t be naive. Narcissists thrive on people’s innocence and trust…. until it’s too late.

  3. If this is how people think, his popularity is hardly surprising. The issues with Trump are not that he’s not presidential (although that is certainly true). That’s a minor point. He has no agenda, no platform. What he professes to believe in today, he rallies against tomorrow. There’s no reason to believe a word he says. He’s an unhinged egomaniac with imperial fantasies. Anyone who believes in smaller government and the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution cannot possibly vote for this man. He’s essentially the polar opposite of everything I believe in.

  4. Dear author,
    Let’s not forget:
    ה’ ממליך מלכים ולו המלוכה.
    If you want to know what Hashem wants of you in terms of hishtadlus, consult the Torah and Chazal as to why being a moral person, with good middos, and having faith in Absolute Truth are more important criteria for electing a leader than one’s business acumen.

    If you want to debate the matter in a secular void, then I would retort that having near universal scepticism against a candidate, despite the anomalies you mentioned, does not increase the odds for success, but rather greatly reduces them. Additionally, Mr. Trump’s attitude towards “Palestine” and his vagueness and lack of transparency when it comes to details about his policies leave much to be nervous about. Especially when you have a strong, moral, anti-Establishment candidate, with a proven track record, as an alternative.

  5. I could not agree more.

    For all those who say he is wildly inconsistent:

    When it comes to certain things, he has been consistent for years. Trade deficits, government waste of our money and general fraud and the need to stop it. The 20 trillion dollar debt. Certain elements of foreign policy. Some of this he has been consistent on since the 80’s.

    Due to the precarious situation our country finds itself in (20 Trillion debt, huge deficit, islamic terrorism, border) , the specific things Donald Trump HAS been consistent on are enough for me to vote for him. He has been way way more vocal on these specific issues than Ted Cruz has.

  6. Mr. Shubin, are you Jewish and if you are, are you a Orthodox Jew? I can’t tell from your letter. It sounds like you honestly think Donald Trump controls the world. Are you atheist?! It might be time to seriously consider being קובע עתים לתורה! You have Forgotten that there is a רבונו של עולם that runs this world!

  7. The author fails to state a case for Trump. He asks for comparisons to failed policies and artificer, but he presentd no picture of how Trump works be different.

  8. 1. Trump appears to be running as the exaggerated character he developed for his TV show, not (as Dr. Carson) the intelligent person he appears to be in real life. The “real” Trump may be much more electable than the caricature running in the primaries.

    2. He claims to be an isolationist, a nativist and to be opposed to international trade. These have not been Republican positions in modern times. However he’s also an international businessman, who has twice married foreign (immigrant) wives, and his daughter is married to a kosher Jew — none of which mesh with his allegedly nativist and isolationist and anti-trade speeches.

    3. Many conservatives find his crude remarks to be offensive, even if they are normal for secular New Yorkers.

  9. I think Trump for president is a great idea! It will hasten the collapse of America and encourage the Jews there to come to Israel.

    America – 1776-2016
    It’s been a great 240 years. looking forward to the next chapter.

  10. Take a look at Brussels and realize that Trump is the only one saying that we need to screen Islamic immigrants because many of them are radical Islamist ready to strike America.

    He is also that only one seeking to fix the imbalance in trade between us and other major countries.

    He has also done great individual acts of kindness to Jews in need such as his grant of his plane to a sick child who could not use the standard airlines.

    All the money grubbers want the Democrats or weak Rinos in order to keep their money flow going despite the continuing deterioration of the country under the Leftist rule. Trump will free us of this malady.

  11. Trump is the only one that will bring America back to its greatness… All ted cruz has done for us is standing on the senate floor fighting with fellow colleagues and filibustering and still not accomplishing anything what about obamaCare… Iran deal… San Bernardino… 20 trillion in debt… Jews can’t walk freely on college campuses… And all the other toieva laws that past… WE GAVE THE ESTABLISHMENT A CHANCE! WE GAVE THEM THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE!! And we are worse off now… Please give me a break!

  12. For those here that are repeating liberal media agenda, I will tell YOU smart people why all this anti trump movement is non sense, do u remember mayor giuliani the only mayer in NY that made New York safe once and for all fought the mafia and kept us safe after 9/11 Ok now if u follow politics you will know that he endorsed Donald Trump for president and the list goes on and on… Mike huckabee (the only true friend of israel he visited when rockets were falling!) Sean Hannity (A true conservative and jew lover) Former speaker if the house Newt Gingridge (true friend of israel) and the list goes on and on…. They all endorsed donald trump and they advise him on a lot of issues and if he’s president we will have all these great people that actually did something for us not just talk like all these stupid politicians and im sure these are the people he will surround himself with and work hard for this country, to stand up to radical islam and support israel and end all these radical groups that run the U.S. Since obama is president! We jews should strongly embrace these people if not we will have another obama/clinton presidency.

  13. Mr. Shubin, one thing alone (admittedly, among others) causes me to reject Mr. Trump. As everyone knows, when asked if he would reject the endorsement of White Supremacist groups, a question that is a no-brainer if there ever was one, his response was he can’t say because he doesn’t know which groups are included in that category. Here’s something, though, that you may have missed. The very next day, in an interview on MSNBC, he was asked why he would not reject such endorcement. His response blew me away: “Well, just he were asked to accept and endorsement from the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, he couldn’t answer because he doesn’t know which Jewish groups constitute the Federation, so too, for the same reason he cannot answer such a question about White Supremacists.” I kid you not. I said, did he just compare the Jewish Federation to White Supremacists?
    For a Jew, and an intelligent one at that, to ignore such ignorant and hateful rhetoric, boggles the mind. Please rethink you position. I don’t know if you parents were Holocaust survivors, but ask anyone who lived through the rise of Hitler to the Chancellorship of Germany, and they will tell you Hitler started the same way – and “decent” ignored the hatred because, after all, Hitler had big ideas. I plead with you – please rethink your position.

  14. #16 You are factually incorrect. Trump is not the only candidate in favor of screening Syrian immigrants to the US. Virtually every candidate is in favor of screening. Trump is the only candidate in favor of banning all Muslim entry and not just from Syria and other terrorists hotspots. This is typical Trump bluster because it is impossible to identify who is a Muslim in most instances.

    Furthermore his plan of 35% import tariffs might help some factory workers but it will hurt every one else. Prices on tires spiked nationwide when a tariff was placed on chinese tire imports. Unless you work for Firestone you lose when tariffs are put in place.

    #17 All your examples work against Trump. Obamacare – Trump publicly supported universal healthcare and the individual mandate. Iran Deal – Trump publicly stated that he had faith in Hillary Clinton to negotiate a deal with Iran. Toeiva Laws – Trump has lived a life of immorality, why does only one type of “arayos’ cause you righteous indignation?

    #18 Giulliani has not endorsed Trump. If he does it will be because he feels he has no other choice. Gingrich not Gingridge never endorsed Trump neither did Mike Huckabee. As for who advises his he has publicly stated that he speaks to himself “because he has a very good brain”

  15. he’s nothing but a shlechte mensch who knows nothing about government and has no knowledge of the affairs of state a president must know, his best plan is “we’ll have the smartest people”, doesn’t say much about him. he cares about trump and that’s it

  16. Michael D – Trump has been consistent by not in the way you describe him. Trade Deficits – He has consistently manufactured his clothing products oversees. General Fraud – He has consistently ripped people off see Trump University, and various bankruptcies. Government waste – He has supported government overreach with his “love” for eminent domain. The only thing that is truly consistent about Trump is his egotistical self promotion.