Pelephone Almost Totally Back Up And Running

(Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 08:30 PM)

droidFollowing a day of widespread disruptions in service for subscribers to the Pelephone Company, the latter has released a statement to the media that it apologizes for the outages in internet and cellular service. The outages were the result of a facilty fire in Petach Tikvah. Also impacted by the outrages were subscribers of the Rami Levi cellular service for the latter leases the Pelephone infrastructure.

For some clients, they were down until the early evening hours and service on early Tuesday morning 12 Adar-II has not been totally restored. Pelephone hopes to have all the glitches in service addressed by days’ end.

Among Pelephone clients are 100,000 state employees and Israel Police.

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