Photo Essay: Gaved Yerushalayim Checking Knives For Shochtim Of The Eida Charedis (Photos by JDN)


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  1. One would think that to check the knives used by shochtim to be sure there are no nicks, cracks or imperfections on the blade, it would be advantageous to use various electronic magnification and testing instruments rather than relying upon the naked eye and tactile measures. The photos suggest that the Gaved still does these inspections the same way they have been done for hundreds of years.

  2. Gadolhadorah,
    From your comment, one may assume that that is a bad thing. The only thing wrong with your comment is the amount of years it has been done. It’s not hundreds, it’s thousands.

    I’m sure in trollland you’re considered a hero. Keep it up.

  3. Mr electronic magnification

    לא נתנה תורה למלאכי השרת.
    The הלכה never obligated us to have the blade of absolute perfection, but the one that professionally trained senses consider perfectly smooth. It actually is to our benefit, rather than detriment. Were we to employ electronic means, where does one stop? If you look at any crystalline surface with a scanning electron microscope, you will immediately notice myriad bumps and impressive. Those are the very molecules that the blade is made of.
    The same halacha applies to bugs in food, your estrog, the squareness of your tefillin, Etc.
    Sometimes trying to perfect something actually ruins it.