WATCH THIS: Trump SLAMS CNN At Press Conference – ‘You Are Fake News!’

(Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 12:24 PM)


President-elect Donald Trump lashed out at a reporter from CNN, refusing to take a question from him and calling his news organization and Buzzfeed “fake news.”

CNN reporter Jim Acosta pushed back at Wednesday’s news conference, demanding an opportunity to ask a question.

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A U.S. official says top intelligence officials last week told Trump about an unsubstantiated report that Russia had compromising personal and financial information about him. The story was first reported by CNN Tuesday. Buzzfeed later published a summary of those allegations.

The summary of the allegations was separate from a classified assessment of Russia’s suspected attempts to meddle in the U.S. presidential election.

Trump told Acosta, “Your organization is terrible, I’m not going to give you a question.”

Acosta responded, “Mr. President-elect, that’s not appropriate.”


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  1. Not getting involved says:

    I Love it! The evil filthy wicked DNC controlled media is finally getting it on the head. Trump is not like McCain or Romney who are petrified of being called a racist. It’s payback time and the next 8 years are going to be fun, watching the filthy media squirm like that.

  2. Arye says:

    CNN, NY Times, Haaretz, Facebook, and the likes, as well as most of those who are behind all the evil e.g. George Tzoros, sadly have 1 thing in common: self-hating liberal Jews. If there’s no Torah, there’s hatred, evil and destruction. Mainstream Fake News Media outlets are best proof to this.

  3. TrueCommonSense says:

    Hes my President!!!

  4. Arye says:

    What can be more impressive than Trump slaughtering Mainstream Fake News Media?

  5. Flatbush Tzadik says:

    Its a new world with Mr Trump. Since he is sending out information via Twitter he can potentially put some media outlets out of business since they wont have any scoops.

  6. huju says:

    WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS DOES NOT MAKE SOMETHING TRUE, and neither does yelling. I am not sure the Donald understands that.

    I do not watch CNN, but they have been on the air for more than 20 years. I am sure they have made some mistakes, but I believe they are pretty good at sticking to the facts. Maybe they spin those facts, but they spin facts, not fiction, as far as I know. The Donald has denied that the Russians have any sexual or financial dirt on him, but US intelligence services have some information from a source they consider credible – which does not mean, per se, that it is true – and have reported it to the current and near-future president.

    When I get caught in a lie, I yell, but when I am falsely accused, I deny it quietly. Maybe I am different than The Donald.

  7. Duvie says:

    Mazel Tov about time someone called out those Nazi loving animals

  8. akuperma says:

    And how is this news? CNN gave up being “news” a long time ago. No hiddush here.

  9. MarccoH says:

    The media must be tamed.
    Of course, independent journalism isn’t only freedom of expression defined, but a great check against corruption, incompetence, and even tyranny.
    However, creating news, or slanting the facts isn’t journalism; it is gossip.
    Someone has to be held accountable, and when someone big enough will sue the newspapers for deliberate false reports, misrepresentation of facts, and slander, some editors and owners will think twice before printing garbage.

  10. kollel faker says:

    This country is off to a good start and he’s not in. Office yet
    They knew there where problems and still they went after trump

    They even had wrong Cohn

  11. unommin says:

    Awesome. Tired of these fake news guys and their lies

  12. iacisrmma says:

    huju: If you never watch CNN then you have no right to comment. They do not slant the news; they are the leaders in what is now being called “fake news”.

  13. ANON21 says:

    It’s day of reckoning for the media! It’s about time. They’ve gotten away with waay too much over the yrs. CNN & Nytimes have been the big perpetrators over the yrs & now they’re on top of trump hit list. Too good to be true!!

  14. 84298429 says:


  15. Gadolhadorah says:

    Its really funny watching someone who creates his own facts, denies that he said something that is readily available online, advances the most absurd conspiracty theories etc. calling anyone “fake”….

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