VIDEO: An Israeli Cab Driver Assaulted But Police Decided To Close The Case



This incident occurred last month, during which 27-year-old Tel Aviv resident and taxi driver Maor Ben-Tov was roaming for fares in Netanya.

At 2:30am, four young men got into his cab. During the drive one of the passengers allegedly began cursing him. At one point, they forced him out of the vehicle and began beating him without mercy. B’chasdei Hashem he was released and got back into his car, phoned police and headed to a hospital. To the shock of Ben-Tov, 12 hours after the incident police informed him the case was closed.

Explaining the events while fighting back the tears from the traumatic situation, during which he thought he was going to be killed, he questions why the case was closed so quickly. Ben-Tov explains that today, every knock on the door sends him into a panic.

His attorney, Benny Nahari is furious at the police decision to close the case. “After 24 hours we learned the case is closed? Such a horrible act of violence and brutality and with video evidence to identify the assailants yet nothing is done?”

Attorney Shosh Chiyun adds that following the incident, he came to police and gave a detailed report of the events and handed over video evidence, which makes the decision to shut the case even more astounding”.

Police have yet to comment publicly on the case and the decision to close it despite the evidence available.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What is the question? Why? It is obvious why. They were told to close the case. The real question is who told them? Many moons ago, when I was a university student, I used to shmuz with one of the guards on campus. He had been a Chicago policeman for many years. He eventually quit because he could not take all the corruption. During one of our conversations he told me that organized crime could not exist anywhere in the world without the active participation of the local police. He said it is not like people think that the cops are paid off to look the other way. They do but they also help. So draw your own conclusions as to why four violent thugs walked away and why this taxi driver will never see justice.