R’ Shmuel Sharf: Baruch Hashem I am Alive


Rabbi Baruch Sharf is recovering from his injuries sustained in last week’s rocket attack in Kiryat Malachi in which his wife HY”D was killed. She was 7 months pregnant with their first child.

Speaking with Ynet, Rav Baruch, a Chabad shaliach in New Delhi, explains “I remember there was a siren and my wife said “Come – let’s go downstairs” and I told her “we won’t make it in time” and about 10 seconds later there was an explosion.

“I got up from the ground and looked for my wife. I did not see her. I took the three children on the fourth floor to the children’s room and then I felt my hands were torn from my body. The entire area was blown apart. I went downstairs screaming to the neighbors ‘What happened to my wife’ and I sat on the bench”.

Rav Baruch acknowledges that the fact he is alive is a miracle and he is grateful to HKBH. He rejects media reports that the deaths in that attack were due to their failure to comply with Homefront Command instructions, explaining there was no way for them to make it down to the shelter in time.

He adds “there is an old chassidic saying ‘לחשוב טוב – יהיה טוב and there were miracles and there will be more. We will survive this”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)