Iron Dome System Failure May Have Led to Deaths of Kiryat Malachi Rocket Victims


It is now being reported that the rocket attack victims in Kiryat Malachi last week were victims of system failure, referring to the Iron dome rocket intercept system.

According to a Haaretz report, a malfunction in the system was detected that disrupted the rocket defense system from functioning properly for a half hour period. It was during that fatal half hour that the rockets were launched into Kiryat Malachi.

Haaretz quotes senior Defense Ministry official Yair Ramati as saying “when there is a malfunction, the team receives notification and addresses it. Most malfunctions are technical and do not result in system malfunction. There is nothing that is 100%. No system can deliver 100%.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Its always difficult to accept “din” but some time when “freak” things like this tragic malfunction happen we have to scream to ourselves “gezairah he melfoni”. May the victims families have a nechuma and may the victimes act as a maylitz yoser for all of us.

    “No system can deliiver 100%” except our teffilos! Dont think for a second that 90% accuracy of the iron dome is due to the great wisdom of the technicians at Rafael. To do that would be kofer in hasgocha as if to say “kochi veotzem yodi asah es….”

    May we all see yeshuos bekkorov

  2. These Jews were not victims of a malfunction; they were the victims of INTENTIONALLY launched missiles by Hamas. The title of the article is wrong. Let’s not forget that these kedoshim should not require an entire army and it’s vast military prowess to go about their daily life.

  3. These kedoshim were victims of terrorism from Hamas. Israel is attempting a defense that has NEVER before been successfully deployed. Baruch Hashem, the brand new Iron Dome system is now operating at about 90% success. Thank you hashem, and thank you to the many chayalim in the line of fire for helping to keep the rest of us safe.

  4. This article is a reminder that the real shomer yisroel is hakadosh baruch hu, and he can be relied on to deliver 100% of the time. Sometimes we may not understand the delivery, despite our best efforts at hishtadlus, but that is our shortcoming, not his.