WATCH: MK Moses Explodes Against Reform Jews During Session On The Future Of The Kosel



In a debate that took place today in the Knesset Transparency Committee, Chairman of Yahadut Hatorah MK Menachem Eliezer Moses angrily attacked Knesset members and members of the Reform organizations who sat on a committee that dealt with the transparency of the Kosel Plaza.

“Since when does the Kotel interest you” shouted Moses, “When did you last daven there” he added. “The Kotel is a beis tefilla. What do you have to do there? Look at the Women of the Wall act when they arrive each rosh chodesh. You should be ashamed!”

Moses turned to the people present in the session adding, “Keep bar mitzvahs coming, bring the dogs … a bar mitzvah for the dogs”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. kol hakavod! Thank you MK Moses for saying it like it is. The Jewish people need to stop pandering the these fraudsters and instead call them out for the clowns and charlatans that they truly are.

  2. Unlike “Ga’ava” which never has a place; “Ka’as” sometimes does have a place, and MK Moses utilized “Ka’as” exactly where it truly and absolutely belongs. May MK Moses merit to bring Korban Pesach in 45 days time.

  3. he’s right, these reforms are the erev rav of today

    We need to completely ban them from the kotel with no shame. They are a cancer to Israel’s spirituality.