Wednesday AM Protest Against Chilul Kevarim in Beersheva


Following the arrest of HaRav Dovid Smeidal by police in Beersheva on Tuesday, 20 Kislev 5773, chareidim from Yerushalayim, Beit Shemesh and Bnei Brak will be traveling to the site of the controversial construction in the southern city on Wednesday morning.

Rav Smeidal arrived in Beersheva accompanied by supporters to protest construction which Asra Kadisha feels compromises kevarim in the area. After the rav was arrested, askanim released messages warning police that if the rav is not released there would be a price to be paid. A protest gathering was held on Tuesday night in Zichron Moshe decrying the situation. Prominent rabbonim took part, including the Gavaad of the Eida Chareidis. The pashkavilim for that event were entitled “declaration of war”, signaling a stormy response can be expected in coming days.

Buses will be leaving from the 3 cities on Wednesday morning at 9:30am to protest the arrest of the Asra Kadisha leader as well as against the ongoing construction towards building a new Beersheva municipality complex.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)