Fire Breaks Out At Tziyon Of Reb Elimelech In Lizhensk On Yartzheit, Heavy Damage Reported [PHOTOS & VIDEO]



A fire broke out at the Tziyun Of Reb Elimelech In Lizhensk, Poland, where thousands of people have traveled to be for the Yartzheit today, Thursday, 21 Adar.

Sources tell YWN that a fire broke out in a tent next to the Tziyon, where hundreds of candles were burning. The fire soon spread into the Tziyon, where thousands of “kvitlach” had been placed by Mispallelim at the Kever. There had been candels burning by the Kvitlach which also went ablaze, causing the entire Tziyon to turn into flames and smoke.

There is reportedly heavy damage to the Tziyon.

Earlier today, United Hatzalah told YWN that multiple volunteers from Israel and the Ukraine traveled to the site to provide emergency medical coverage should there be a need. Volunteers were on the scene standing by, but it did not appear that there were any injuries.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: United Hatzalah Spokesman Unit)


  1. Really smart of that guy davening near the fire. 1) It’s a makon sakanah and he should get out and daven elsewhere and 2) Maybe help put it out (if you are smart to stay in there to “daven” then might as well…) by throwing some water or something. Big help your davening is doing!!!

  2. Surprised the fire fighters came with smsll household fire extinguishers and not pails if water!!
    Do they even iwn a fire truck able to pump water??

  3. shame that there was a fire on R. Elimelech’s yartziet, but maybe he is trying to tell us something.

    Why spend money to go there. The money goes to fund a group of antisemetic people who did their best for the past hundreds of years to kill us and take our money.

    Stay home and go to the shul and daven to haShem in R. Elimelech’s zechus, and give the money that would have been spent to tzadaka.

  4. Interesting as the guy davening is the issue, what about the guy taking the video or pictures, you have no issue with him……

  5. Interesting timing…. destructive, disruptive protests in yerushalayim, destructive, disruptive fires at a tzaddik’s kever. What kind of message is in front of their eyes?

  6. ‘Big help your davening is doing.’
    This is the only bit you got right in your comments.
    I was there, the davening was the real fire.

  7. It does not take a groise lamdan to figure out that this fire was not accidental. The rebbono shel olam is sending a clear message to us. Wake up yiddishe kinderlach. Doing aveiros and then running to the kever is not the way to live a life of yiras shamayim. Visiting kevorim is not a quick fix for engaging in chilul Hashem. You can’t do aveiros and then run to kevarim to cleanse yourself. Yiddishkeit is not so simple.

    Rabbosai, take with you a strong lesson from this raging fire at the kever of a godol in Jewish history.