More Religious Hate Graffiti in Jerusalem


Graffiti using profanity on a monastery gate in the Valley of the Cross area of Jerusalem has sounded an alarm for police and state officials. In the latest attack, the vandals, who also wrote “Happy Chanukah”, slashed the tires of three vehicles parked at the location.

A similar attack occurred two months ago, that time targeting a monastery in the Latrun area.

Responding to the attack, which occurred on Wednesday, 28 Kislev 5773, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “The Jewish values according to which we were raised and according to which we raise our children reject outright such behavior. Freedom of worship for all religions will be upheld in Israel and we will bring to justice these contemptible beings who perpetrated this crime.”

Police also report there was an additional price tag attack in an Arab village west of Ramallah in which vehicles were set ablaze and “price tag” was written by the vandals. Police are not stating if they suspect a connection in the attacks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. YOu guys are sick, cant even just edit the articles you nab a bit?
    What and where is this valley of the crux??
    In any case, I hope our youth will rise up and increase such and more. HOuses of Idol worship should be destroyed! In case you think yourself a religious jew, the Sages have passed down to us a prayer we are to say upon seeing a house of idolatry in The Land! May it be removed speedily in our days!