Justice Minister Shaked: PA Incitement Responsible For Recent Terror Attacks


“The recent terrorist attacks are the result on ongoing incitement by the PA (Palestinian Authority”, stated Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked when asked to comment on the security situation of late.

Speaking to Kan Reshet Bet Radio, she added “The funds for the PA must be offset, and we must make certain funds given do not fall in the hands of the terrorists”.

Shaked then commented on remarks released by PA Chairman Abu Mazen, who labeled US Ambassador to Israel “A son of a dog, settler”.

“This is unacceptable in the world of diplomacy, and here in our region, too, it is a disgrace. Abu Mazen was a Holocaust denier in the past, and to express such a statement against the US ambassador in Israel, who is also Jewish, has an anti-Semitic flavor,” Shaked added.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Bottom line. Abbas has a track record that is not only full of failure in the direction of peace, but he is implicit in his support and incitement of terror. It is high time that Israel arrests him for these crimes. They should do so with haste, and bring about the deserved death penalty the sooner the better. The second day of Pesach would be a terrific and historic time to hang him high on gallows.