What started out as a small protest in front of the IDF conscription office on Rashi Street in Jerusalem, has seemed to explode over the course of Sunday evening. Earlier in the day, some few dozen protesters gathered outside the IDF office and were protesting the alleged IDF’s intention to arrest a Charedi girl for not coming to deal with her draft notice.

According to earlier reports in the Israeli media, the girl did show up at the office to sort out her draft notice now that she has turned to leading a religious lifestyle (Baales Teshuva). Before she entered the building, fearing that she would be arrested, the girl told a number of Charedi women standing near the building, who are assigned to spy on those entering and exiting by the Charedi community, that she was likely to be arrested.

As time passed and she did not exit the building, the women reported that she had indeed been arrested and that the IDF police was on its way to the office to carry out the arrest. Due to this report, dozens of Charedi protesters were dispatched to the office to begin, what would turn into a tumultuous and violent affair.

Over the course of the evening, hundreds of protesters arrived and there are currently calls for more protesters to drop whatever they are doing and rush over to help the protest. Police say that some of the protesters have been “disturbing the peace and actively attacking police forces that were called in to maintain the peace and quell the protests”.

Shockingly, Police have used “shock grenades” while working to return order to the area.

Thus far, eight people including police officers and protesters have been treated at the scene for light injuries by United Hatzalah EMS personnel who were dispatched to treat the injured. United Hatzalah ambulance teams also transported some of the injured to hospital.

As of this report, protests have spread to Kikar Shabbos as well, where the street has been closed to traffic by protesters.

(VIDEO VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים)

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The girl (a baalas teshuvah) was eventually sent off to military prison for refusing to enlist.
    Kol hakavod to all those brave enough to stand up to stun grenades, powerful jets of blue-colored water, and the huge number of police officers who turned out to arrest the number one enemy of the State of Israel – a teenage baalas teshuvah who dares to say NO I will not enlist.
    Good to know the Medinah has its priorities right, isn’t it?
    As Reb Chaim Brisker zt”l said, the Zionists didn’t want to shmad the Yidden in order to set up a state – they wanted to set up a state in order to shmad the Yidden.

  2. I think they got lost on the way to the Gaza border. Unfortunately this is gonna be the beginning of the end of the Zionist regime. There is NO justification for such brutal tactics against your own people. I think the US, France and Britain should immediately condemn such brutality. If they think by using such tactics on their own civilians it will help justify such use on the border with Gaza their making a BIG mistake! The world understands who they are dealing with at the Gaza border but the world also knows who is demonstrating in Jerusalem. What a shame! No justification for this what soever!

  3. I beg everyone reading this to put pressure on Leading Rabbis to STOP THE PELEG Rioting in Streets!

    Without Judging PELEG right or wrong, facts remain:
    1. Jewish Lives in Army, are at risk to help others. Fellow Jews.
    2. Innocent people are being caught up in the anger of PELEG street riots: innocent old and young people in cars and buses and streets.
    3. In Torah Law, Halacha Diyuraisah, every PELEG Bochur must show kindness, consideration, help out and Do Chesed to every person in Cars and Buses they stop, by giving them Water, Food, Travel Assistance to their destinations on time, pleasant demeanor to show Kavod Bnai Torah.
    4. Just as We want HaShem to Show us Midas Rachamim, so no Innocent people get caught in His Anger Chas Vesholom, Therefore the PELEG and their leaders need to show Rachamim to fellow Jews for Merit of Rachamim.
    5. The time spent filing Exemption is shorter than weeks Rioting in Streets.

    Therefore, for Kovod Torah, so people will see Black hats and Bless Bnei Torah, PELEG Riots in Streets must END!

    A NEW APPROACH: instead of Rioting in Streets, 10 Bochrim should accompany each Bochur who needs to file IDF Exemption to the Office in a Pleasant manner. They can Learn a Daf Yomi, Say Tehillim, Give Water to Old People, Daven. They can act so Beautifully that Fellow Jews of all Types PRAISE THEM and Bless Torah and those who learn Torah. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!!

  4. @yehuda26


    She wasn’t frum, not a baales teshuva at all.

    I was there all day, and I live up the street. She has no shayichis to being frum. When you want to make hafganos for legitimate purposes, I am all for it. But this was a total farce.

  5. Reminder: In every country with a Draft, the Yeshiva Bochrim would file the Exemption. This is the Law too in Israel. Witness Thousands of Bochrim who HAVE EXEMPTIONS learning in Israeli Yeshivas. These Thousands Learning and Bot Wasting Time in Streets and Jails Rioting are proof Riots are Bittul An and Theft of Time.

  6. Yehuda26: the THOUSANDS Bochrim Learning In Yeshivas who have To xemptions are PRROF if your Bittul Torah in Street Riots, and your lies

  7. @geulah: her father was outside the conscription center and he said she was machzir him b’teshuva!!!
    where did you get your info from?! they seem to be mesorati/dati! is that not legitimate enough not to conscript?

  8. Response to Yehuda26: the Tens of THOUSANDS Of Yeshiva guys Learning In Yeshivas all Over Israel who have Filed Exemptions with Dignity are PROOF of your Bittul Torah Theft of Time in Street Riots, and your lies

  9. @chilliworker2 @yehuda26 — LIARS>

    I have her Facebook page. She is the type of woman that you and your cursed ilk (Peleg etc) would call “SHIKSA” and spit at. She is far from being Frum!!

    You people are disgusting. Liars. Faker. Horrible reshoyim what you are.
    All of a sudden a “SHIKSA” is good for your cause. But chas vesholom she walks down meah Shearim you animals will stone her.


    Gehenom isn’t hot enough for you and your fake phony leaders.

  10. Indeed shocking. The Zionist dream in action. Shock grenades being used in the center of Iyr Hakodesh Yerushalayim against innocent Yidden, yirei HaShem, by the dark forces of evil.

  11. Finally the IDF/Police are recovering the streets from the hooligans.

    Enough is enough, destroying property, police cars, polluting the area, stopping buses, trains & cars.

    On the thought that maybe maybe she’s religious & why didn’t she gather a note from her rabbi/teacher proving her new way of life. Just a ridiculous excuse to overload the streets & start riots.

    Shockingly… another protest (not shockingly the IDF..)

  12. What everyone seems to be missing here is the fact that it was her own fault for not working out her situation with the army. The Israeli government has laws and everybody, including chareidim, have to bide by them. Would be expect any less from Jews in America? would anybody here dare defend “chareidim” in America cheating or avoiding taxes? We can whine all day about how the Israeli government isn’t religious but it won’t change things now. the government is secular and as such, has laws that don’t always fit with chareidi lifestyle. If chareidim will just try to abide by these laws then these chillul hashems will stop. Most chareidim don’t end up doing full service in the army but they do have to take care of their papers. this is just a story of Jews breaking the law and being violent about it. There’s no wonder why secular Jews in Israel despise our religious brothers

  13. Several of the prior postings make the crucial point. This young woman had a legal obligation to register and seek a religious deferral as have tens of thousands of other young men and women who have acted responsibly and received their deferrals. Likewise, the draft office personnel were doing their job. When these hoodlums come to demonstrate, start fires, block the streets and defy the police, they should expect the response they got. These “flash” grenades are used by police all over thw world against rioters so nothing wrong here.

  14. The ignorance of these commenters above, is just shocking. Do you know nothing about the history of the draft and yeshivos? daasyeshara, leahleh do you truly know as little behind the shitos of Rav Shmuel Auerbach z”tzl, the Eida and Satmar as your comments demonstrate?

  15. The only shocking thing about this video is that the IDF hasn’t used these grenades before and this is the first time we are seeing this kind of video. That’s what is shocking. They should have done this months ago. These protestors are a bunch of hooligans who should get a life and learn about hakaras hatov

  16. This is the first riot I endorse. i live here and am affected by the idiots. But in this case, the CHAZON ISH ZATZA”L paskend YEHROG V”AL YA”AVOR. There is no other choice in the matter. This is not a peleg matter, but rather klal matter.

  17. daasyeshara – she tried to sort out the paperwork, that is why she was at the enlistment office in the first place. But the army did not accept that she deserves a religious exemption. I don’t know exactly at what stage of observance she is at. But the Chazon Ish insisted that every single girl, frei or frum, must be allowed an exemption.
    In the last year alone, 2,000 of the applications of girls for religious exemptions were turned down. If it was your daughter, I’m sure you’d want to know that we fought to keep her out of the army. (Wouldn’t you?)

  18. Girls can do Sherut LeUmi, National Service In Hospitals or Schools or Support Helping services. So Violent Riots Lawbreaking in Streets by People dressed as Orthodox Jews is not only Waste of Time Stealing Time from Torah, it’s Dishonor to Yiddishkeit

  19. Read the Shlezinger comment and tweet.
    Seems she became “Chozeret betshuva” just in time to claim an army exemption!
    Her Facebook page shows her in a dress that;s 50% off!
    Her peleg defenders claim she uploaded the picture just before she became “frum”. The obvious question would be why didn’t she take the picture down if she was Chozeret b’tshuva?
    A “chozeret B’tshuva”? I f you believe that, I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, real cheap!

  20. Innocent Yidden, yirea shamayim, forces of evil….

    A new Steven Spielberg fictional drama brought to you by the Meah Shearim cast of actors/actress

  21. I hereby sincerely wish everyone a Yom ha’Atzma’ut Sameach. All these fellows should be cognizant, that if not for the benevolence of our wonderful 70 year Medina, most of them would not be Zochim to be residing in Israel.

  22. Big Bubby….you are right. These hoodlums shoud know they are taking their lives in their hands when they engage in these riots that endanger public safety. It would be a tragedy, but it may take one or more fatalities before the Peleg leadership realize the insanity of their efforts. The heilege Chazon Ish would never have applied his psak to this fact pattern.i

  23. Leahleh; You are apparently unaware that the Gedolei Yisroel led by the Chazon Ish declared Sherut Leumi yeherag veal yaavor as well.

  24. @yehudah26

    I’ve BEEN to the office for deferments, when I needed a deferment and there were DEFINITELY people there, probably around 75 percent that came in with me dressed in pants and tank tops, who swore in front of a Rabbi so frum that he wouldn’t even actually look at us that they keep shabbos, tzniyut, and kosher.

    Yes, it could be she was a chozer betshuvah.
    But it could be she was a liar.

    We are frum yidden, and find fault in lying, but many people do not. Do not be so naive. Guela99 could be right. I’m friends with someone who works in the welfare department and she said hundreds of people every year pretend to be crazy to get money, and that’s only the ones they manage to catch. Imagine how many non-religious boys and girls just don’t want to go to the army. Hello, I wouldn’t want to go to the army! I wouldn’t want to do shirut leumi! Yes in some ways I do want to give back to the klal but not dedicate 3 years of my life to it!

    I still am very upset about the flash grenades. Those are dangerous.

  25. 147
    please read perfidy and then celebrate your Medina.Read the holocaust victims accuse and then celebrate your medina. I guess you are one of those zionists and proud of what they did. We know what you would have done to us if you were in the camps.

  26. Leahleh; You are apparently unaware that the Gedolei Yisroel led by the Chazon Ish declared Sherut Leumi yeherag veal yaavor as well…..

    so why dont they die?

  27. This is the first riot I endorse. i live here and am affected by the idiots. But in this case, the CHAZON ISH ZATZA”L paskend YEHROG V”AL YA”AVOR. There is no other choice in the matter. This is not a peleg matter, but rather klal matter.

    so why dont all these so called religious jews then give up their lives? seems you pick and choose when to follow youe gedolim

  28. If it were the disabled protesting I guarantee they would not throw flash grenades.
    But it’s just religious folk.
    It’s fine to blow them up.

  29. straightup
    April 16, 2018 9:54 am at 9:54 am
    This is the first riot I endorse. i live here and am affected by the idiots. But in this case, the CHAZON ISH ZATZA”L paskend YEHROG V”AL YA”AVOR. There is no other choice in the matter. This is not a peleg matter, but rather klal matter.

    so why dont all these so called religious jews then give up their lives? seems you pick and choose when to follow youe gedolim

  30. straightup
    April 16, 2018 9:54 am at 9:54 am
    This is the first riot I endorse. i live here and am affected by the idiots. But in this case, the CHAZON ISH ZATZA”L paskend YEHROG V”AL YA”AVOR. There is no other choice in the matter. This is not a peleg matter, but rather klal matter.

    *so why dont all these so called religious jews then give up their lives? seems you pick and choose when to follow your gedolim*
    Go give up your life as the chazon ish paskened and stop making a chillul hashem over and over, which btw the chazon ish clearly held that a chillul hashem bifarhesya is אין לא חלק לעולם הבא. So if your willing to die as you hold like the psak of the chazon ish, then at least preserve your chelek in עולם הבא and stop making a chillyl hashem and stop with gezel zman from others.

  31. “……I hereby sincerely wish everyone a Yom ha’Atzma’ut Sameach….” 147
    L’chaim to you too. Hodu l’Shem.

    “….please read perfidy and then celebrate your Medina…” Big Bob
    Perfidy, the bible of the non-Zionists has long been discredited as a propaganda hit piece . The protagonists Shmuel Tamir and Halevi the judge AND Ben Hecht himself were anti-Mapaii but Jabotinsky virulent Zionists from the get-go. The book spits out out-of-context Qs & As, and the trial itself was an attempt, albeit a failed one, to prove some sort of collusion with the Germans.
    Shove Perfidy…

  32. It’s seems from the video that the “rioters” are out having a jolly good time and singing and laughing. Seems to me that this is an excuse to just “let loose” not something motivated by ideology. I blame the commentators supporting them even more then the “riotors” They are at least letting of some steam and energy. But it’s the sympathizers that are allowing this kind of behavior to fester. It’s been reported that Agudas Yisroel put finnaly put out a statement condemning those that verbally abuse soldiers that wonder into” their” neighborhoods. That’s a good start.
    By the way “big bob” Perfidy was written by a flaming militant Zionist. It’s not an indictment on Zionists it’s an indictment on the leftist pacifist Zionist establishment by a right wing Zionist militiant Zionist who supported attacking the british
    . I get the feeling that you never actually read the book.

  33. To the mentally challenged folk that don’t understand the meaning of yehareg ve’al ya’avor:
    Yehareg ve’al ya’avor means that when presented with a situation of either enlisting or facing death, you are obligated to give up your life. That doesnt mean you kill yourself without a reason.
    @Gadolhadorah, your mindset is sick. Would you have even a fraction of the mesiras nefesh that these boys have for something your rabbis (if any) would declare yehareg ve’al ya’avor? I doubt it.
    @FakeNewsAlert, do you apply such a level of hatred on anyone else but fellow jews?

  34. Ayeshivisguy yehareg ve’al ya’avor means that this girl under no circumstances should agree to serve in the army Which means she will have serve time in prison for a limited time. Does it mean to riot like behaimos in the street without even taking the time to know the background of the case???????????????????

    Stop condoning this behavior

  35. YTV365
    Reb Moshe Sheinfeld who was a ne’eman of the Brisker Rov zatza”l made perfidy into smalltalk. He brings direct quotes from the zionists and what they did, documented. I read Perfidy many times. Ben Hecht was a secular jew who was moser nefesh to save all jews , while his fellow zionist and reformed Rabbis prevented hatzoloh. You probebely would have one of them if you were around then. Truth is truth. Ohavay Hem sin’uh roh! Reb Elchonon zatza”l call them erev Rav, even before that assisted the nazis!!!!!!!!

  36. Big Bob,
    No, the lies hurt.
    Perfidy has been discredited by scholars, you can do the research yourself.
    The tactics of Shmuel Tamir, the Irgunist the anti-labor mapaii lawyer co-wrote the book with Ben Hecht, who in the preface himself writes , and I’m paraphrasing, ” “of history, I know little”, were a sham and no honorable court anywhere in the world would have allowed his antics.
    You’re trying to condense in one post a repetitious libel which took some years to unravel, and you choose to stick with it.
    There was no case.
    Hey, Big Bob, how’d you like confront an older friend of my family, who spoke of the dedication of Zionists rescuers in the face of opposition from rabbis who fled, leaving their demoralized flocks behind after warning their people not to listen to Zionists shlichim.
    You wanna talk Zionists ??how about we open a thread on fleeing rabbis, and how Zionists died while on recsue missions.

  37. “…..Reb Moshe Sheinfeld who was ….”
    Was he the infamous Moses Schonfeld, the pro- Satmar, Zionist libelist author and deluxe sycophant?