Israel: How Much Rain Has Fallen?


To get a real idea of just how much rainfall has hit cities around Israel since Shabbos, one must understand the average rainfall numbers for the same areas. According to weather officials, as of Tuesday night the eve of 27 Teves 5773 the rainfall was quite impressive, close to the annual seasonal average in some areas.

In Jerusalem there has been 278mm of rainfall this season. The seasonal average is 537mm. In Tel Aviv, there 378mm of rain fell. The seasonable average for Tel Aviv is 583mm.

1. Haifa received 549mm (seasonal average 539mm)

2. Kfar Giladi received 579mm (seasonal average 768mm)

3. Tzfas received 608mm (seasonal average 671mm)

4. Mitzpei Chershim received 721 (seasonal average 959mm)

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)