Sunday Morning News Briefs from Eretz Yisrael


19:40 Motzei Shabbos:

A firebomb was hurled at a vehicle near Yitzhar in Shomron. B”H there was no injuries.


Police arrested six Arabs in Jerusalem’s Old City, suspected of involvement in attacks against Jews in the area ten days earlier.


Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman was niftar at the age of 70 after fighting an illness for a number of years. He was a founder of the Shomron city and dedicated his life to serving that community, as well as being an MK in Likud for a period of time. The levayas is scheduled for today in Ariel.


PA (Palestinian Authority) Ma’an News Agency reports Egyptian authorities have intercepted a truck carrying 50 cartons containing a ton of explosives heading to Sinai.


A masked bandit armed with a knife during the night tried to grab the pistol of a guard in Haifa’s Bnei Tzion Hospital. The guard reacted quickly and held on to his weapon. The attacker fled. A police report was filed.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)