LEAKED DOCUMENT: Crackdown Ordered on Chareidi Businesses/Mosdos

(Thursday, May 23rd, 2013)

charediIn a document leaked to the media, YWN-ISRAEL has learned that the compliance unit of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has ordered a crackdown on chareidi businesses. The directive, entitled “Directives- Initiated activity in the chareidi community – May 2013″ is signed by Ms. Ravit Tichover, who heads the unit. The directive calls for an inspection to determine compliance to labor laws in chareidi businesses and mosdos chinuch.

The inspections will be May 26, 2013 until May 30, 2013. Inspectors from the unit will be assigned lists of businesses and mosdos, based on the number of employees. The inspectors will be looking out for violations such as law governing overtime, providing employees with adequate breaks, payment of minimum wage, payment of pension and other mandated benefits, as well as deductions and many other matters pertaining to employee rights.

While some will applaud the inspections, which seek to safeguard employee rights and benefits under Israel’s labor laws, others will question why businesses are being selected by affiliation with the chareidi tzibur as opposed to a general inspection of businesses and mosdos.

Click HERE to read the full document.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. YITZCHOKY says:

    attack attack and attack. The government is out of control

  2. akuperma says:

    So if hareidim stay in yeshiva and learn, they get cracked down on.

    And if they enter the business world. they get cracked down on.

    How much of “they really hate us” don’t you understand. This is the beginning of a fight to the bitter end, and the sooner the fence sitting apologists realize it, the better.

  3. MDshweks says:

    “while some… others will question…”
    and then there’ll be those who already know the answer: Hashem ‘had enough’ of this state of Israel buisiness. He wants to remind us Chareidim that whether you’re in the Knesset or not, wether you vote or not, it’s just another Golus.

  4. Gadolhadorah says:

    “Others will question why businesses are being selected [for inspection] by affiliation with the chareidi tzibur as opposed to a general inspection of businesses and mosdos”

    After finally being captured, the noted bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked by a reporter for the New York Herald “why did you rob banks”…..his answer, which would appear to apply to the targeting here was simple and elegant…”because thats where the money is”. For all those ehrliche yidden who want the U.S. government to target Muslims because they have a higher liklihood of being terrorists, the answer is that the studies undertaken by the Economic Affairs Ministry shows a higer rate of tax avoidance and labor law/payroll violations among Chareidi business units than among the general population. They often claim to be “unaware” of the technical rules or changes to the rules since they don’t routinely check with the online websites which publish such rules.

  5. Aryeh Zelasko says:

    Now that the Treif Bird and his fellow carrion eaters are near the end of their wasted lives, they are desperate to revenge themselves on those who have thwarted their grandiose fantasies all these years. We should expect even more irrational and hate motivated actions. May the all soon resemble the carrion they eat.

  6. Micah0123 says:

    I just hope that our mosdos are doing what’s right and only a kidush Hashem comes from all of this. I hope they find no registered yeshiva bochrim – it would only stoke the flames.

  7. CB12 Member says:

    we hate them just as much….
    we educate our children to hate hate hate the non frum people… it works both way

  8. trachtglat says:

    In the United States when the IRS dares to target people and organizations based on their religious/political beliefs we hold Congressional hearings and hold the discriminating culprits accountable.

  9. ujm says:

    Sounds like the kind of governmental activities common in pre-1944 Europe.

  10. akuperma says:

    #4- You seem to believe that the hareidim in Israel are living in the lap of luxury. They are in fact an impoverished minority.

    #7 – We wish the non-frum would leave us alone, and we wish to leave them alone. For example, we do not go on to their buses and tell them where to sit, they on the hand, go to our buses and tell us where to sit. We do not dictate curriculum to their schools, they wish to dictate curriculum to our school.

  11. Gadolhadorah says:

    Repy to Akuperma

    Whether they are an “impoverished minority” or “living in the lap of luxury” is irrelevant to the issue being addressed. If their businesses are engaging in tax avoidance including charging taxes and not forwarding them to the government, paying below the minimum allowable wages, not paying required overtime compensation and allowing children to work in certain restricted business operations, they are violating the law and should be fined and prosecuted. We don’t excuse ganovim because they are poor.

  12. voseppes says:

    CB12 Member

    We DO NOT teach our children hatred for the not-yet frum.

    Please use a different name. Your consistent negativity about the frum. community is anything but the word of a “Gadolhadorah.”

  13. rt says:

    #7- speak for yourself, this is not what we teach our children. btw, if you don’t have ahavas Yisroel for all Jews, perhaps you’re not Yotzei Tefillah everyday 3 times a day- think of all the brochos l’vatala etc

  14. Gadolhadorah says:

    To voseppes:

    Your suggestion will be considered. Equally, I would ask you, Akuperma etc. to consider why you consistently seek to frame every action the government takes as a “war on chareidim” and somehow excuse violations of the law as part of some strategy of selective prosecution. The Economics Ministry and other agencies review and investigate thousands of businesses each year for these types of violations, and if you take time to examine the data, a relatively small percentage of those could be deemed to be Chareidi-owned or Charedi-operated enterprises. The current crackdown is in response to reports of a wide range of violations, most of which have the effect of either shifting additional tax burdes on other Israelis (surprise??) or taking advantage of other elements of the Chareidi tzibur.

  15. 1hocker says:

    What I believe they are trying to do, is to make it more reasonable for Chareidim to agree to go out and work…. when they have proper overtime pay, breaks and etc. maybe they will be more willing to go out and work…

  16. zionflag says:

    Perhaps when investigating the Geulah/Meah Shearim area the only businesses that are located there are the Charedi businesses…so it is time for this area to be checked out.

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