Central Election Committee Chairman Calls For A Probe Into Election Fraud


Chairman of the Central Election Committee Justice Chanan Meltzer has turned to Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandelblit and Israel Police with a request to launch a probe into election fraud at polling stations. Suspected election fraud was found primarily in Arab and Druze sector polling stations.

At the end of the week, Maariv reported that a probe of dozens of complaints of election fraud in the Israeli Arab sector was conducted. The probe conducted by journalist Kalman Lipskind reveals a picture of widespread fraud in those areas.

For example, the chairman of the polling station in the last elections in the village of Ka’abiya said: “I was the only Jew in the ballot box. The rest were Arabs. In the area of seven in the evening, when we were about 40% voting, one of the committee members came to me and suggested that they double the money I receive on this day, and in return I will allow them to share the other votes of those who did not vote. It had already reached the level they had begun to ask me in a serious tone, asking how much I wanted. What struck me was that all the committee members were in on this discussion. There were three members of the committee and even an additional poll watcher or two. I was really surprised, telling them it was illegal, and I am pro-democracy where each person votes for himself. Another person approached me every few minutes, making the same offer. ‘Perhaps you have changed your mind’, ‘it does not really impact the final results’. ‘they all lie anyway’. I told them it was unacceptable. During the counting of the ballots, there were police by us. They too were Arab, but if I understood correctly, not from the village itself. What really took me by surprise if that even the offers continued, the police heard and remained silent”.

There were similar reports of illegal actions by polling station officials in the Israeli Arab municipality of Um el-Fahm and other venues.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I apologize for being so dumb but I have a simple question. How is it possible that Israel we’re just so advanced in the world in technology especially computers still does the voting with these papers and envelopes? America had machines for many many years already. Hey must be that is very left knows this is only way they can do their fraud and trickery to get what they want