Battle Against Bnei Brak’s Mechalel Shabbos Kiosk


charnThere are pashkavilim in Bnei Brak calling on the tzibur to come out and protest this coming Shabbos Parshas Pinchas against the הקולה מבגדד kiosk operating in the city, open for business on Shabbos. Organizers of the protest report numerous requests have been made yet the operator of the kiosk insists on opening Shabbos. The protest will head from R’ Akiva Street at the corner of Jabotinsky to the store immediately after Shabbos begins.

Organizers feel it is imperative to protest to stop this before it becomes a trend chas v’sholom.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I highly doubt that this kiosk is in bnei brak because no one from bnei brak is buying from there on shabbos so he wouldn’t be open (not worth his while!). So maybe YWN can provide with the exact location of this kiosk!?

  2. It’s nice that they went to the Gedolim and asked their opinion. It’s interesting how people learn Torah all the time, but don’t learn from it. Shimon and Levi were right that justice needed to be done to Shechem, but there is a right way and a wrong way. They (in their anger) did not consult with their father and chose the wrong way to retaliate.

  3. The picture used for this article compared to this specific protest mamish have nothing to do with each other. A bit misleading…

  4. What do they sell? Are there actually customers on Shabbos?

    A peaceful protest that interferes with any potential customers might do something, but I suspect that anything peaceful is just wishful thinking.

  5. If people in the neighborhood don’t like it then they are certainly welcome to move. I can suggest places like Cuba or Russia where capitalism does not exist and the government owns and completely runs private businesses. As far as I know, this shop has bills as well as employs people for jobs. How would you feel if because of Sunday blue laws a kosher supermarket can’t be open on a Sunday on a particular erev-yomtov? I support capitalism. However, is it proper for Jews to work on Shabbos-absolutely not!