More Nissim as Wounded Soldiers Awaken Following Gaza War


idfdaven.jpgLast week YWN reported that Lt. Aaron [Yehoshua ben Chaya Shoshana] Karov was transported to Ichilov Hospital to begin the process of rehabilitation. Seriously wounded and not expected to recover, the young soldier was seated in a wheelchair and his father Rabbi Aaron, reported that his son baruch Hashem was able to put on his tefillin without assistance. Rav Aaron stated it was very difficult for him, but he insisted on doing it alone, and he did.

Today, Sunday, I spoke with Effie Cohen, the father of our friend Sayeret Golani soldier Li’el [Hoshea ben Miriam], who was critically wounded in the war. He has undergone a number of cranial surgical procedures, and in our last report, I reported that Effie was somewhat despondent and fighting to maintain his positive attitude.

Well Effie remains positive and a true inspiration to others. Last week, Li’el opened his eyes and is communicating. He is also making some movements.

“Hashem’s salvation comes in the blink of an eye” Effie told me this morning, adding that the road ahead will indeed be a long one but now Li’el is in Tel Hashomer Hospital, on the road to recovery. Doctors in Soroka Medical Center are calling Li’el’s current state nothing short of a miracle.

Other soldiers recently released for rehabilitation from Soroka include Givati Brigade soldier Ben Buchnik, who also sustained a serious head injury. After nine days in Soroka, he too made miraculous progress and is now in Tel Hashomer, in the rehabilitation process.

A fourth soldier who also sustained a serious head injury along with an arm injury was released for rehabilitation. The family requests that his name not be published. After being in a medically induced coma due to his serious head injuries, he is now in Bet Levenstein Rehabilitation Hospital.

Another soldier who was operated upon in Soroka after a piece of shrapnel landed near his heart, almost severing his aorta, also made magnificent progress and was released for rehab.

The only soldier remaining in Soroka from the Gaza War is Dvir [ben Leah] Bar Chai, who remains comatose in an intensive care unit due to his serious head injuries. His father, Tzviki, announced last week, the held special tefillos in the Ma’arat HaMachpelah in Chevron and they are trying to remain optimistic as they continue calling on the tzibur to daven for their son.

Also in Soroka is Orel [ben Angela] Yalizroff, the 7-year-old boy who was very seriously injured in a rocket attack in Beersheva (reported HERE on YWN).

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Let’s pray for a Refua Shleima for all of these brave figthers. And let’s pray that our enemies in the Middle East will disappear in a moment. Amen!

  2. Actually, B”H bli ayin hara, you can add Orel to the list of nissim too! See

    Dvir ben Leah still seriously needs our tefillos…

    And though the others are recovering it is likely that they still need our tefillos as well…

    B’chasdei Hashem, we need to recognize and thank Hashem for the incredible nissim throughout the war, and now this too! May each of them have a complete refuah sheleimah b’meheirah!