Violence Continues in Yerushalayim on Thursday


11.jpgPolice are hinting at stepping up their response to ongoing chareidi violence in Yerushalayim, at one point threatening to interrupt electric service to riot-stricken areas.
At least four official vehicles were damaged by rioters, including the official vehicle of Jerusalem Police Chief Franco, whose vehicle was badly damaged in Wednesday’s violence. Authorities estimate damage in the NIS hundreds of thousands, including garbage dumpsters, street lights, windows, vehicles and more.
A small number of protestors took up position outside Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital on Thursday, leading to police fears that chareidim may try to abduct the child, the son of the jailed chareidi mother, or attack a member of the Hadassah staff or both. As a result, there is a stepped-up security presence at the hospital.
Six detainees from Wednesday were released by a Jerusalem court with restriction, despite police objections and four others will have a hearing on Friday morning at 9:00am, despite the fact police asked that they be held for an addition six days.
The detainees are reportedly not cooperating with authorities and they have still not given their identification number of name.
At least one petition has been filed with the High Court of Justice against Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s decision to halt municipal services to the riot-stricken area, with the city explaining close to ten municipal workers have been injured and City Hall is unwilling to place its employees at risk.
For the residents of Geula and Meah Shearim, as well as other chareidi neighborhoods in the city, the rioting is unwelcome and has caused many difficulties as shabbos approaches. For one thing, garbage is piling up and many areas still reek from the PVC fires of the burning garbage dumpsters. The elderly are having a particularly difficult time ambulating and bus service to those areas has been rerouted, leaving many wondering how to go about their weekly erev shabbos routine. Residents with respiratory conditions and heart conditions are also at high risk as a result of the mayhem and toxic fumes released by the PVC fires.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. what a chillul hashem! DURING THE 3 WEEKS THIS IS NOT how frum yidden react!

    I respect the rebbe alot but please he and others should stand up and stop this asap!

  2. Why doesn’t the Israeli government invite a group of frum doctors to examine the child? The competing medical claims would be easy to verify. Also, if the reports are true that the father is a British subject, agree to remove the child to the UK, where he can be treated by doctors not involved in the prior treatment and with no incentive to cover up anything.

    If the Israeli government is unwilling to do so, it suggests they have something to hide. If a doctor acts like there is a pending malpractice claim he has to worry, there probably is one.

    P.S. And since the Israeli government is unlike to become especially benevoltent any time soon, the hareidi community in Eretz Yisrael needs to develop techniques of peaceful protest and/or civil disobedience. No matter how violent we get, they can get more violent (after all, they play soldier the way do Torah and Mitsvos – we just aren’t very good at being brutal jerks)

  3. Time to seal off the neighborhoods where the rioting is. Tanks and other unmovable vehicles should be posted at the entrances to these neighborhoods to seal them off. No one should be able to leave until there is calm for three days. The next thing to do is to hold the Eida Hachareidis civilly liable for the damage caused by the rioters. The miniciplaity should commence lawsuits against the Eida and its leadership personally. A jury can decide liability.

  4. Violence Continues in Yerushalayim on Thursday….

    Who are they???? after 3 days reading all this comments lets take votes….

    1) The poor mother doing every thing possible to her best understanding to save her son.

    2) The doctors who made a bad decision to give wrong teropy to a pataint?

    3) The so called goverment who hate yidan?

  5. Many mothers in our communities live ONLY for the sake of their children. Although this can be very spiritual, it can also be disastrous. Emotional problems develop when the mother does not have an identity of her own.

    Sometimes, a mother-child relationship is toxic.
    For a number of reasons, the mother may use the child to deal with her own neurosis. Depending on how strong the neurosis is, this can be mild or quite serious.

    It is reminiscent of the boy scout who, in order to earn a “stripe” helps a little old lady cross a street.

    The lady is kicking and screaming because she doesn’t want to cross the street!!!
    Is she stam a meshugena or is she in her RIGHTS not to cross??
    The bottom line is, the boy scout certainly has an agenda.

    As does almost everyone in this case.

    The ONLY way to properly diagnose menchausen’s is to 100% separate the child from the possibly dysfunctional attachments that have developed between him and his mother. A healthy mother will be sad, but she would not go insane over this.

    Especially if her family and her community is supportive. A mother who has developed an unhealthy bond with her child WILL suffer more. She will feel that a part of her was ripped out – literally. And she will do ANYTHING to get her child back, even if it is criminal. By acting like criminals as a group, the community is actually perpetuating an outsiders’ perception that unhealthy bonds are encouraged by this community!

    If everyone really, really wants to see the mother and the child well, they would not be panicking over this separation. They would be doing their utmost to support both the mother and the father during this difficult time.

  6. And in 3 days of rioting, has any of it helped either the child or the mother? Perhaps its time for someone to try to figure out what to do to accomplish what they want. I think that for many of the people who are rioting, the riot is the goal, not helping anyone.

  7. I see the pro-zionisim comments keep saying

    C H I L E L H A S H A M”

    I want to repete my question
    #1 Who is making the big Chilel Hasham?
    #2 Which Sham ( Name) to you mean?
    If you think the Chareidim are making the chilel hasham yes! but only the name of zinizem, and a big kidush haham showing for the whole world the mesiras nafash we have for pidyan sheveim!!!

  8. Whether the mother is innocent or not does not justify the action of these people acting like a bunch of animals. This is assur, and R’ Nosson Tzvi Finkel and R’ Shternbuch have both come out against it.

  9. Moshe1
    You need to brush up on your survey-writing skills.
    All three options need to be stated objectively, without loaded words like “poor mother” or “hate”.

    Also, you need to make sure people understand what the survey is asking. In your case, the question of the survey is “who are they?” Who are Who? I’m not sure what you’re asking.

    Anyway,who is to blame for the injuries to 10 policemen and 10 municipal workers? the government that hates you or the people throwing stones? who is to blame for the fires and smoke? the government or the people lighting the fires?

    Try and remember that the “government” that hates jews had a Chareidi mayor less than a year ago, who was legitimately elected and then legitimately was defeated. Also try and remember that the govt that hates you is the one that collects your garbage, cleans your streets, pumps electricity and water into your homes, allows you to vote, travel, refuse to serve in army (misguidedly). They also guard your borders, fight your wars, and care for the health of your children, fund your yeshivas and educational systems. Thats a lot of services from a government that hates you.

  10. Firstly, those of you who are not aware- protests are the way you see results in that crazy country! Don’t you realize we are not dealing with normal people here? Can this ever happen in the U.S? Arrest someone with just the proof of a video?! Put them in solitary confinement?
    In any case much more important than the issue of protests is the fact that some people actually believe the hospital!? You are obviously not aware that Haddasa Ein Kerem has done such coverups previously!! They are not all they are hyped up to be! They probably thought he had cancer because they are not that intelligent like you may think. That country is not well known for their medical staff.Having lived there firsthand I can tell you personal stories of the totally not knowledgeable people that work there. I actually know of a dr. who was kicked out of Maimonedes for not being on call for surgery as he was scheduled to be- he decided to go on vacation when his patient was scheduled for a life threatning where do you think he went?! To Israel where he is on the top staff of a hospital. Give me a break- the people in Israel are crazy!!! Although I don’t know the woman or family, one thing I am SURE of is that the hospital is fully capable of doing, and has done such a coverup before. Another story anout Ein Kerem which happened I think withen the last 15 years, is that triplets were born there and one of the three was very sick and weak. The mother made sure to always be there to make sure they are caring for it. For whatever reason she had to leave one night, and upon returning was told that the sick baby of the 3 had died! It did not die, they had no patience to care for it- so they left it to die!!! I know that story from someone who knows that family very well.
    Please do not be so quick to think that the hospital is not liable to do such things!
    May Hashem return the mother to her family, bikorov, and send her son a refuah shleima.

  11. fist of all the buses and garbage trucks arent passing through cause they cant second cantoresq tanks wont make a difference cause there just vandalizing there own community no public transportaton is passing through and moshe1 no one knows what actualy happened to the child so i cant vote yet

  12. B”H the Yidden in the mountains can feel secure and safe, if we meant it and we felt as if “mi k’amichas Yisroel” we would be protesting here, however were not serious. When Arabs the Arabs were angry about a cartoon they protested across the globe. Hash-m sees that the Yidden in GALUS couldn’t care less we should be ashamed of ourselves in the THREE WEEKS. We here in the States are responsible for perpetuating the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash. NU! Get out there and show were part of BNEI Yisroel.

  13. My son is learning now in Jerusalem. He said his rebbes said that it is osur for them to go. My son told me the best thing they can do is stay by their gemoros and learn.

    However, the municipality has cut off all services to the chareidi sections of the city which means no garbage pick up, no traffic lights, etc.

  14. there is no difference between these violent people and the people of Gaza expected these people are worse since there is more expected of them

  15. I feel that it is of utmost importance to protest the posts of “sammygol”, who it is difficult to believe is still a currently practicing shomer shabbos. The comments s/he makes is aside from false, utterly disgusting.

    Its truly unbelieveable how some will side with those against our mesorah above their own brothers.