Netanyahu Celebrates Success in Central Committee Vote


It appears that clearing his scheduled to persuade Likud Central Committee voters to get and vote did the trick as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday night celebrated a victory, registering 1,569 central committee votes in favor of his proposal to amend the party charter, pushing off elections for party positions for an additional 20 months. The prime minister received over the required two-thirds vote to defeat the Manhigut Yehudit faction of the party headed by Moshe Feiglin, earning 20 months before he will have to concern himself with the ‘threat from within’ once again. Voter turnout was higher than expected, about 80%.

Members and supporters of the Feiglin camp announced they will of course honor the party’s decision and continue working towards achieving their goal within the party. Feiglin told supporters he does plan to run for the party chairmanship again in the near future. He spoke of the current realties in which the voters are being cheated since the party leader takes votes from the right-wing and turns them over to the left-wing.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. No one is going to vote in favor of withdrawing to the 1967 borders (becoming “left-wing”) as a result of Likud favoring something less than annexation of the whole of the West Bank. They will either stick with Likud, or vote for any of several parties that are to the right of Likud on territorial matters.

    Feiglin does not understand the “math” of Israeli politics. He talks like someone whose orientation is towards the American-style (or British) system of single member districts with a plurality determining the outcome. In the Anglo-American system, mobilizing your “base” is critical.