(Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 02:20 PM)

UPDATE 12:33PM EST: [VIDEO, PHOTOS & EARLIER REPORTS POSTED BELOW] One woman died and 50 were injured after a bomb exploded at a bus station in central Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon.

Police said the explosion took place outside Egged bus number 74 at a station opposite the Jerusalem Conference Center (Binyanei Ha’uma) in the center of town.

Fifty people were injured in the attack. Three were injured seriously from the explosion itself, four moderately from shrapnel packed into the explosive device and the remainder were in moderate to light condition.

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YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for initial photos from the scene courtesy of Dovid Leff / Kuvien Images (Yehuda Boltshauser & Co).

The  50 injured were taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem, Hadassah Mount Scopus, Bikur Holim and Shaare Tzedek hospitals. All hospitals in the area were opened to receive casualties. One woman, aged 59, died from injuries sustained in the blast.

Police said that this was the first terrorist attack in four years that involved an explosion. Police were looking for one specific person who left the bag that contained the bomb.

There were reports that witnesses were able to identify the man who left the bag and police were searching for him.

Police suspected that an explosive device inside a bag was left at the bus stop, which then exploded.

Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said that the explosive device was between one and two kilograms and was packed with shrapnel.

UPDATE 10:58AM EST: Sources tell YWN Israel that one person who had been critically injured, has R”L just passed away.

Israel’s Public Security Minister tells local media that the device used, was a 1 kg. device placed in a bag on the sidewalk.

UPDATE 10:04AM EST: United Hatzalah tells YWN Israel that as of this report there are a total of 27 injured, 4 serious, 5 medium and the balance lightly wounded, in the bombing of Bus #74, which was en-route to Har Nof.

There are still concerns for secondary attacks. Dozens of United Hatzalah are on the scene and alert in their respective areas.

Reports of a follow-up shooting attack by the Sakhorov Gardens at the entrance to the city were proven to be false. Police have closed the area of the entrance to the city.

Additionally, Reuters reports that PM Netanyahu has postponed his scheduled trip to Moscow in wake of THE Jerusalem terrorist attack. Additionally, the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. says that the Jerusalem bus bombing was apparently not a suicide-style-attack, meaning that the bomber is still on the loose.

UPDATE 9:58PM EST: Police said that the bomb exploded outside Egged bus number 74 at a station in front of Binyanei Ha’umah. There are a total of 25 injured, 4 of them critical. As of this posting, there are no deaths being reported.

UPDATE 9:32AM EST: A YWN Israel reporter live at the scene tells us that Ichud Hatzolah has treated a total of 25 people injured, 4 of them critical. It is not clear if the bomb was on the bus, or placed next to the bus. Additionally, police fear additional bombs in the area, and the Bomb Squad is searching the area, and have evacuated the area.

9:12AM EST (INITIAL REPORT): An explosion rocked a public bus opposite the central station in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon. At least 18 people were wounded in the incident, according to local media.

The entrance to the city has been closed, and ambulances and police forces were arriving at the scene.

Wednesday’s explosion occurred near the main entrance to Jerusalem, shattering windows. People are lying on the ground and taken away on stretchers. The explosion appears to be the first bus bombing in several years and comes amid rising tensions between Hamas militants and Israel.


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  1. passion4music says:

    Hashem Yishmor. Refuah shelemah

  2. Horrified says:

    haShem Yerachaim.
    Besurois Tovois

  3. MichelleNY says:

    Can we please have names of the injured to pray for?

  4. troubledkid says:

    Sirens just stopped they were going strong till now

  5. AinOhdMilvado says:

    Thank you Bibi and Ehud.

    Your lack of response to the savage attack in Itamar, and your weak pathetic response to all the shelling from Gaza, has emboldened our enemies.

    “Great” work.

    I think with your “restraint” has made Mr. Obama very happy – the Yidden now shedding blood because of it – maybe not so much.

  6. needmoshiach says:

    This is a wake up call to us!!!!!!!! DAVEN DAVEN DAVEN! Hashem is waiting for our tefillos!!!

  7. avzzz says:

    2 dead hashem yimkom domom

  8. mikehall12382 says:

    build more homes Bibi?…I think it’s time to use some muscle….

  9. avzzz says:

    revised only one confirmed dead

  10. kpnthelght77 says:

    At a loss for words…

  11. rbs says:

    Har Nof is full of Americans, I wonder if there were any Americans on the bus and if that would make any difference to Obama.

  12. always here says:

    Baruch Dayan Emes.
    May the injured have a refuah shelema b’karov!

  13. monseynewyork says:

    nebach, i was just there recently

  14. yswo says:

    Hy’d. Please provide names of ppl injured so we can daven.

  15. a jew says:

    Americans maybe american jews…..

  16. mamashtakah says:

    I wonder if there were any Americans on the bus

    I have seen updates on my Facebook that says there was an American girl who was injured. I will not say the name here as there is no way to confirm this.

  17. Porty says:

    A friend’s daughter was on the bus and is now in surgery. Please daven for Leah Bracha bas Shoshana Basya.

  18. rbs says:

    thats what I meant, American Jews. A terrorist attack in another country that would involve Americans would have the USA army all over them. I wonder what Obama will say and do.

  19. tryinghard says:

    Jews are good. We make mistakes sometimes. Why this finger pointing? Did you see how much money/brochos were given out this purim? Is this what you see by the goyim when they’re drunk? UH OH! Not where I live. Why blame the good jews? We all try hard; may we succeed, and be zoche to the final redemption.

  20. saaiksr says:

    Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

    I can’t think of anything else to say. This completely blows my mind..

  21. Yosef Chai says:

    Please be mispalel for a seminary girl who was hit by shrapnel from terrorist attack this morning in Har Nof. She is in surgery now. Leah Bracha bas Shoshana Basia.

  22. micro says:

    Seminary girl from Cleveland was on the bus that got bombed and going in for surgery now please say tehillim!! Leah bracha bas shoshana basya.

  23. always here says:

    via a friend: “Please be mispalel for another seminary girl who was hit by shrapnel from terrorist attack this morning in Har Nof. She is in surgery now. Shaindel bas Raizel.”

  24. always here says:

    *correction– NOT in Har Nof.. Jerusalem’s central bus station.. selicha.

  25. gefen says:

    where is shaindel bas raizel from? any word on the woman who was killed – do we know a name yet or where she’s from?
    Refuah Shelayma to all the injured!!! What a horrible tragedy.
    Yes – we must DAVEN DAVEN DAVEN and do whatever we can to improve ourselves. Time for Moshiach.
    As far as Obama caring that americans were injured – give me a break! I don’t think he cares one bit – no matter how serious he sounds about this.

  26. laurabendavid says:

    The bus was on the way to Har Nof. I understand Leah Bracha bat Shoshana Basya has suffered burns, but will be okay, B”H. Another victim to daven for is Odalia Nechama bat Michal who is being operated on her head now.

  27. LAer says:

    Shaindel bas Raizel, unless there are two of them, was not injured in the bus bombing. She is a young mother in Lakewood who is recovering from a brain aneurysm. Please daven for her.

  28. laurabendavid says:

    They have not yet released the name of the woman who was killed, but they have said she was not from Israel

  29. always here says:

    wow! I just found out that my brother-in-law was a few hundred feet from the bomb site! B’H, he’s ok. he said: “I saw many injured kids, injured with shrapnel from the blast in a state of absolute shock, their arms and legs bleeding and very badly cut up.”

  30. yiddishemishpacha says:

    please provide names for Tehilim if possible besides from the ones already mentioned

    Leah Bracha bas Shoshana Basya
    Shaindel bas Raizel??
    Odalia Nechama bat Michal

    Trying to organize Tehilim readings…

    Ad Mosai!!!

  31. laurabendavid says:

    Here’s what I’ve got:
    Odelia Nechama bat Michal
    Leah Bracha bat Shoshana Batya
    Shilo ben Zehava Ophra
    Daniel Yehuda ben Rachel Nurit
    Elchanan Ovadia ben Alona
    Yisrael ben Dina
    Not sure about Shaindel bat Raizel?

  32. Mother in Israel says:

    Shaindel bas Raizel definitely needs tefillos but that has nothing to do with the terror attack.

  33. Rebyid40 says:

    Meir Kahane was right!!!!

  34. kafkaf says:

    Does anyone know how many of the injured were American citizens? From what cities were they?

  35. tzirel says:

    Shaindel bas raizel is a young mthr livng in lkwd tht had a brain anurisum nd needs alot of tefillos she gve birth to a healthy bby grl yesterday

  36. tzirel says:

    Does it really matter how mny americans? A jew us a jew.

  37. kafkaf says:

    It matters for the American media, As of now they are reporting this story as another foreign story. If there are Americans involved then the story becomes more prominent. Not that it matters to me, but to the country at large it does matter.

  38. simon says:

    Another injured boy, from Chadrei Chareidim:

    Can anyone verify Shaindel bas Reizl? There could be more than one person with that name…

  39. seminaryhelp says:

    does anybody know what seminary leah bracha bas shoshana batya was in??

  40. bczarka says:

    leah bracha bas shoshana was in Tzofiah, a sem in ramat beit shemesh. b”h she did not end up needing any surgery to remove the shrapnel, and she was released from the hospital. She still needs our tefillos for a full recovery.

  41. ReenJeens says:

    i have received a few tehillim requests for shaindel bas reizel, so mayb there are 2. needless to say, the one in lakewood also needs our tefillot.

  42. moeisrael says:

    All you folks-are forgetting one very important concept that לב מלכים ושרים ביד Hashem!

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