Uvlechtechu Baderech Launches eShiur


Uvlechtechu Baderech, the New York based organization that has been distributing Yiddish recordings of Shiurim since 1996, is hoping to reach more people than ever by taking their extensive library and offering it online at their new site, www.eshiur.org.  Founded by Rabbi Yitzchok Aaron Sternfeld, Uvlechtechu Baderech began with a few drashas from his own Shul, and over time, the collection has grown to include over 30,000 Shiurim from over 1500 speakers.

Until now, Uvlechtechu Baderech’s extensive library had only been available either via distribution in select specialized stores in Williamsburg and Boro Park, over 100 Shuls in Brooklyn, and Upstate NY, or by mail order. Thousands of Shiurim have already been uploaded to the website, with more being converted to digital format and added to the site constantly. With the launch of eshiur.org on June 2011, customers worldwide who have been clamoring for recordings of Yiddish Shiurim but never had access to our full selection of Shiurim (from locations such as Minneapolis, Lakewood, London, Lawrence, Providence RI, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Los Angeles)have downloaded already thousands of Shiurim

Uvlechtechu Baderech was founded sixteen years ago with the goal of enabling people to utilize their commuting time in a positive fashion, by listening to Shiurim, turning travel time and traffic gems into precious opportunities for Torah learning.  The organization estimates that their lectures result in a staggering 2 ½ millions hours of learning annually.

The volume of offerings at eshiur.org is simply staggering with multiple speakers on each and every Parsha and different Maggidei Shiur on every Mesechta of Gemara.  Shiurim can be selected by season (Elul, Pesach Sheini, Shmita and many others), subject (Emunah and Bitachon, Dina d’malchusa, Kashrus, Shidduchim and dozens more) or by name of speaker.  Shiurim are available on CD, MP3’s or by download. Downloads are available for .99 per volume and while the link remains for one month, purchasers are permitted to save the file on their own storage device for their own personal use.  Uvlechtechu Baderech also have a large variety of over 600 MP3 Collections, which contains in average 30-45 Shiurim and are available either on CD or as a download, are offered in a variety of prices.

Uvlechtechu Baderech continues to build its library of Shiurim either by sending representatives to record specific Shiurim, or by receiving them from the public.  Shiurim are edited to remove background noise and anything that is not relevant to the topic.  Artwork is designed for each Shiur which has to be titled appropriately and then added to Uvlechtechu Baderech’s massive catalog.