Hospitalized Woman’s Strength Will Inspire You


Dassi Hoffman, a mother of 9, is “lucky” to be alive. She is currently hospitalized in Jerusalem after a horrific accident, and has had 16 surgeries. Now 3 surgeries away from returning home to her children, some semblance of a normal life seems closer than ever. Unable to pay for the 3 final surgeries, she is confined to her hospital bed, while her childrens’ lives continue without her outside the hospital’s walls.


Even if she is successful in obtaining the funds to complete the necessary procedures, she will not be able to return home. Her apartment is not wheelchair-accessible, and the family is unable to afford moving to another living space. The way that it is built now, Dassi would become a prisoner once again, this time in her own home.


Perhaps what speaks more loudly than Dassi’s story, is the heartbreaking video footage taken Tuesday by her bedside. She speaks eloquently despite her pain, each word filled with raw emotion. “Tzippy, don’t worry,” she says, grasping her daughter’s hand in her own, “Gd doesn’t give us a trial that we can’t handle. I’m going to get out of here with strong arms, and strong legs. I’m going to get back to the house, don’t worry.”


One cannot help but be inspired by Dassi’s strength and perseverance amid this unimaginable suffering. Click HERE to read more, and donate to help bring a mother back home to the Hoffman children.