Inspirational Speaker’s Cancer Returns, Claims Her Life


Despite her gentle nature, Rebbetzin Devorah Ben-Dovid of Jerusalem was a popular inspirational speaker. Women and girls gathered in the hundreds to hear the story of her struggles with, and recovery from, cancer.

Most notable was the mother of eight’s commitment to positivity. After her return from a particularly difficult cancer treatment, she reportedly made a decision not to tell her children that “mommy wasn’t feeling well.” Instead she said that she needed to “recharge her batteries.” The kids in the house, consequently, had no idea that she was suffering.

Once her illness went into remission, she made it her mission to inspire those around her to see their challenges as blessings in disguise.

However, her cancer was not gone for long. Last month, it returned with full strength. Within two weeks she was gone.

Mourners filled the streets of Bayit Vegan last Monday, as eight young children laid their mother to rest. The eldest child is 13 years old, the youngest only 2. An emergency fund has been started on their behalf, including emotional footage of Rebbetzin Ben-Dovid zt”l’. 

“I am here to say that G-d sends challenges, but that we choose how to use them,” she says to young girls in a crowded hall. “We chose to be happy.”

Though their mother was a beacon and strength and positivity during her life, the Ben-Dovid children are in a state of devastation.







  1. This is a genuine question not a sarcastic response. Can another inspirational speaker please explain in a coherent rational way how eight young children, aged from two to thirteen burying their mother can be described as a challenge that is a blessing in disguise.

  2. I’m sorry if this answer seems canned. It’s such a good, legitimate question, but this is the only answer I have, even though I’m totally not doing the question justice… so here I go:
    Nobody can explain the ways of Hashem. If we fully understood them, we’d be running the world ourselves. It seems like such an awful thing to do… when we get to the olam ha’emes, we’ll find out why. I mean, why do bad things happen to anyone, really? The truth is, though, that we wouldn’t have much bechirah if mothers of young children never died. I don’t know the answer to why she was nifteres because I’m not Hashem. Nobody else knows the answer, because they are not Hashem, either. Hashem has His own ways that look so crazy to us in this world, but will make sense to us in the next world, the olam ha’emes. I know I sound preachy… I’m sorry.

  3. To number 1
    A very good and appropriate question. I went through a situation recently where I lost my 5 yr old daughter. Also seems very hard to understand. Yet I’m a happy person. The secret? We need to be on the same page as hashem. Meaning if we think for a moment what does hashem want us to take out of this world? And what are we all looking to get out of this world? If we would align our interests with his we wouldn’t have any questions. The reason we don’t understand things is because we don’t see how this can be good for ourselves and our families in this world. If we would really feel that we’re only here to grow spiritually and get closer to hashem we would understand it all. Trust me.