VIDEO & PHOTO ESSAY: Snow in Yerushalayim & Rain in Eretz Yisroel



Early this morning, residents of Yerushalayim awoke to find a blanket of white snow covering the city. As people shuffled about enjoying the white wonder, traffic slowed to a crawl the municipality mobilized emergency personnel and snow tractors to deal with a potential blizzard my Yerushalayim standards. As people rushed to stores to get their shopping done before shabbos for fear of stores closing, children pranced around, making snowmen and lobbing snowballs at each other. However, by mid-morning, it had stopped snowing and the sun once again made an appearance, bouncing its rays off of the fast-melting white coat covering car roofs.

In other parts of the country the torrential rainfall has continued, which together with the snowfall has caused a increase of the water level in the Kinneret.

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  1. “Snow in Yerushalayim & Rain in Eretz Yisroel”

    BAD HEADLINE – Yerushalayim is in Eretz Yisrael. Your headline implies they aren’t. Remember that most of the world, including the United States (executive branch) consider Jerusalem to be other than a part of Israel. You shouldn’t agree with them.

  2. It’s acutally an accurate headline. There article then implies that there is Snow ONLY in Yerushalayim and as the 2nd paragraph starts, in OTHER parts of the country there is rain.

    Or we can create lines for ourselves to read between.

  3. YWN obviously doesn’t agree that Yerushalayim is outside Eretz Yisrael because it physically is not. The Torah defines Eretz Yisrael’s borders, not lihavdil, the Zionists or anyone else.

    And everyone knows this nonsense about “Jerusalem is holy to both Jews and Muslims” is just that. We pray facing, and for the rebuilding of, Yerushalayim.

    Lihavdil, Yishmael faces away from Yerushalayim, and used the Kosel plaza as a garbage dump. Nowhere in their Q’uran is there a reference to anywhere in Yerushalayim, other than that Hashem gave Eretz Yisrael to the Jews (after Yitzias Mitzrayim, not in 1948). The Yishmaeli intrusions on the Kodesh HaKadashim and elsewhere on Har HaMoriah are much later inventions with no reference to them in the Q’uran. “Al Aqsa” is mentioned in the Q’uran, but that only means “far away”, not Har HaBayis. The Turks decided it should mean Har HaBayis, to attract visitors.

    YWN could have simply inserted “in OTHER AREAS OF Eretz Yisrael”, but they shortened it.

  4. #1, instead of reading into everything and finding criticism in everything, just accept the headline that in Jerusalem it was snowing and in israel, the rest of the country was raining. It seems like you have a severe complex