VIDEO: Thugs Assault, Rob Jewish Man In Middle Of Hurricane Sandy



Surveillance video obtained by reveals shocking footage of the ruthless beating and mugging of a Jewish man during Hurricane Sandy Monday night.

In the video the viewer will see a gang of five African-American males loitering around the corner of Albany Ave. and President Street in wait for their victim to pass.

As the victim passes, the assailants knock him to the ground with a blow to the face and continue to pummel him with punches and kicks to the head, before rummaging through his pockets and stealing his wallet and cell phone.

As if his thirst for violence and brutality hadn’t yet been quenched, one of the perpetrators sadistically steps on the unconscious man’s head before walking away.

Warning: video contains graphic content and is not suitable for children. Please view at your own discretion.

Click HERE to watch his video on a mobile device.

(Source: CrownHeights.Info)


  1. obama feels sorry for these thugs. They did not have an even chance and by them taking his phone and money it is something they are entitled to because we want to level the playing field. The man was wrong cause he did not give the thugs what they wanted and so they had to take it by force.
    Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Patterson, and Obama don’t care as long as the person wasn’t black. If he was Hispanic they would not care either