VIDEO: IAF Strikes Destroy Hamas ‘Government’ Buildings



As the IAF continues pounding terror targets in Gaza, reports and images are surfacing of the destruction the IDF is causing in retaliation for the constant rocket barrage on Israeli cities and towns. Bridges, roads and other infrastructure have been reduced to rubble.

In the video below, watch an Israeli air strike completely destroy the Hamas Abu Khadra Government Compound into rubble.

Click HERE to watch this video on a mobile device.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This video is total anti Israel. However Israel needs to keep bombing until the people up rise and demand a stop to the constant aggression against Israel. People must remember
    Hamas threw 120 rockets before Israel did anything. This arabs only know you break my finger I break your hand. You can not have one for one

  2. This is how we know who is the erev rav… those who would spread such propaganda as this video… and this is why you are sitting in chutz l’aretz without the zechut to be here! How about the more than 100 missiles and rockets that are being fired upon us just today?? I have been enjoying your coverage and recommend you to others, but from this point, I see you have been taken over by CNN. B’hatzlacha!

    Moderators Response: Actually, this video was published to give the readers a view of the work the Israeli Air Force has been doing in the past week. What CNN has anything to do with this, or why we are the “Eruv Rav” is beyond us. Wishing you a Refua Shilayma.

  3. Makes you just want to cry for the poor arabs, doesn’t it? Next time, I hope they destroy all the arab cockroaches, together with the buildings! They don’t seem to realize that Israel is RETALIATING for the bombs that Hamas has been sending over for the last two years.

    They’re very angry at all the destruction and the disruption of their lives. I can’t say I blame them, but until they stop bombing, we are not going to either. It’s just a vicious circle. We have no one on whom to rely except Avinu Shebashamayim.

  4. Seriously, how can you be so ruthless? You dont see the kids with their backpacks for school on? Did they really do anything to be scared out of their wits? Its not their fault their teachers are filling their heads with garbage. You want the bad guys dead ok, but there are plenty of innocents there so dont say you want them all dead – b’asher hu sham, right?