VIDEO: Israel: Moshe Feiglin Says ‘Thank You’


Manhigut Yehudit leader Moshe Feiglin, who earlier this week celebrated a victory following the Likud Party primary election explains that he is thankful to his supporters, those who believe in him and stood behind him during these difficult years, those who seek to return Likud to its right-wing roots.

Feiglin told supporters “this is not the end, but the beginning, for this was not the goal”, referring to finally landing a realistic slot on the Likud list that will most likely place him in the next Knesset. Feiglin thanked HKBH and explained that he hopes to be a true shaliach towards carrying out Hashem’s will vis-à-vis Eretz HaKodesh.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. For anyone who’s not familiar with Moshe Feiglin and the Manhigut Yehudit faction within the Likud – This is a man and a group of wonderful Jews who are true G-d fearing people. Moshe is NOT just a run-of-the-mill politician. In fact, he’s not a politician at all. He’s a man who understands the importance of Hashem’s gifts and promises to us. He’s a man who understands the importance of uniting the Jewish People in a positive way. He understands the importance of the Jewish People’s homeland.

    What makes him “not a politician?” Simple – he guides his life and his decisions on true, Orthodox faith in Hashem. Had he not been the wonderfully idealistic person that he is, Moshe Feiglin would have long ago joined a different party or started yet another party in Israel. He could have long ago become “higher” in the political world of Israel but he chooses to take the correct route of trying to bring true Jewish Leadership to the Land and the People of Israel. He understands that leadership based on politicians who don’t believe in Hashem and our Torah simply won’t “do the right thing.” They’re incapable of doing the right thing b/c they don’t begin to understand what the right thing is.

    Best of all, Moshe’s entire platform is based on NOT just representing a small sector of the Jewish People in Israel. He works to unite us all and strives to accomplish the good for everyone. If you think you know what Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit are all about just make sure you’ve read his writings and heard him speak directly. Don’t think for a second that you know if you’ve just heard someone bad-mouthing him and his ideas. Check out his books, website, speeches, etc!

  2. Moshe Feiglin really has confidence in Hashem. Do not quibble about details of his approach; thank G-d that a man with such integrity has persisted in trying to bring Torah into the government of Eretz Israel.
    That’s why the sour look on Bibi’s face. Most of the Israeli politicians persist in thinking they have influence on Hashem’s world when they operate outside of Torah perimeters.