VIDEO & PHOTOS: Israeli Election 2013 Debate in English



What started as an English-language debate about the upcoming Israeli elections turned into something resembling an English version of Israeli C-SPAN. The debate took place at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem and featured representatives of the major parties: Yuli Edelstein (Likud/Beitenu), Naftali Bennett / Jeremy Gimpel (Bayit HaYehudi), Dov Lipan (Yesh Atid), Aryeh Eldad (Otzma Yisrael), Dr. Laura Wharton (Meretz), Isaac Herzog (Labor), Alon Tal (Hatnua), and Menachem Shemtov (Shas). The event closed with an eventful question and answer session in front of the aron kodesh of the iconic shul.

Credits: Kuvien Images –

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  1. i hope this is the begginging of sincere involvement of YWN video and audio in the process of what is the future of the jewish people jewish identtiy the character of eretz yisroel and what it means to be a jew in eretz yisroel towards the future…

    i sincerely hope this is the begginging of the media involveement in the more substantive debates that WILL be in the future. things that will be important to hear…

    i would like to recommend that tommorow evening there will be a live feed video on arutz sheva of the results on the moment of the election in israel.. and ou and a7

    yasher koach my faith in your intentions and motivations are far reaching

  2. Yes! I agree, it’s important that YWN is now choosing to present the more balanced choices out there. The fact that many yeshivas and shuls and communities insist that the only choices for a truly G-d fearing person are Shas or UTJ / “Gimmel” is sad and untrue. It saddens me that the very self-interested people surrounding the gedolei yisrael provide very biased info to those gedolim so as to get the response or “kol korei” that they are searching for. The answer you get is only as good as the information you provided when asking the question.

  3. Ido (#3) – we will all have to forgive you and your apparent ignorance. The importance of that gathering is beyond what you can begin to fathom. Thank G-d that’s where they held it – right where it belongs! In Israel, it’s not just politics but about the safety of our People and our Land. It doesn’t get more important than that.

  4. #4 The safety of our People and our Land is about the last thing that secular politicians provide, how much more so in Eretz Hakodesh. There is such a thing is halacha, which says what you can and cannot use a Bet Knesset for, and whilst I’m no posek I certainly cannot see how having a load of political speeches by people most of whom themselves do not even follow basic Torah and mitzvot – let alone with their hashkafot they are espousing for others – can fall into the first category