VIDEO: Lakewood – Good Samaritans Save Two Children Struck & Pinned Under Car



Two young children are fortunate to be alive after getting hit by a car, as reported by YWN on Sunday. As fate would have it, the two perfect people whose skills were needed arrived on the scene moments after the accident.

The first was a man who raised the Honda Accord with a jack. The other is an EMT who helped to keep the children alive until an ambulance arrived.

7-year old Sury Paskus and her brother, 2-year old Ben, were then rushed to the hospital.

The accident happened on route 9, the children struck while walking with their mother. The kids suffered life-threatening injuries.
Aron Weichbrod was driving just behind the Honda Accord.

“She turned in front of me, hit the kids, I pulled over, kids were stuck, so I helped,” Weichbrod said.

So began the town’s miracle.

“The kids were not breathing… the guy came, stabilized the car. I was with the kids, they lifted the car, the kids started breathing again,” Weichbrod said.

The identity of the man who worked that jack is not known.

“And so I say, come out, come out where ever you are, cause we want to honor you,” Lakewood Mayor Albert Akerman said.

Lakewood is heaping praise on Aron and they want to honor the man who’s work on the jack gave Ben and Sury also helped to save their lives.

“He really had a feeling for someone else, and therefore put his heart and soul into it,” Lakewood committeeman Manashe Miller said.

Their efforts are paying off. The children are critical but stable at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Their names for Tehilim are Yitzchok Bentzion Ben Roza Bluma and Sarah Bracha Bas Roza Bluma.

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(Source: WABC – Video via TLS)


  1. To YWN editor: not in any way downplaying the selfless act of chessed done by the people involved, but isn’t there a better term a frum website can use other than samaritans?

    How about “Chessed People”?

  2. The phrase ” Good Samaritans ” is a avodah zarah religious term with very strong anti-semitic connotations. You should remove the story immediately, or at least replace the offensive term perhaps with the words “Bystanders” or “Passers-by”.

  3. Repeat submition
    Great story BUT
    You should know the Samaritans were great resho-iim. They stopped the building of the 2nd beis hamikdash until Darius son if Ester re-allowed it, and they instigated much bad publicity with the foreign governments in control of Israel until Alexander the great set them aside and diminished their influence.
    So in conclusion Good Samaritan is a Christian myth.

  4. Your kidding right!! Good thing you don’t live in Monsey the real Eyr Hakodesh!!. Our Hospital is called Good Samaritan. We have the best possible care anyone would want and a full service Bikur Cholim. Trust me it sure beats your Kimble that doesn’t deserve the title hospital.