VIDEO: Rabbi Ben-Dahan: I Was in Yeshiva Longer than the Shas Leaders Combined



Bayit HaYehudi MK-elect Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan spoke with the Knesset Channel, addressing disparaging comments against his party by Shas Party officials. Rabbi Dahan, a former director-general of the Chief Rabbinate and a long-time aide to HaGaon HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu ZT”L questioned Shas’ attitude and tactics, particularly the statements against his party during the elections.

While he refrained from quoting the Shas officials, he stated that the chareidim simply do not get it, adding “I have spent some time in yeshivos, more than Eli Yishai, Aryeh Deri and Ariel Atias combined”.

Ben-Dahan explained that the rabbonim are not placing pressure on him or his colleagues, and they are all aware that those truly studying Torah should continue to do so. He emphasized that “no one is seeking to close down any yeshivos. The problem is with those who learn for a year and then stop.”

Ben-Dahan explains he personally is quite aware of the true situation from his years in the Chief Rabbinate, denying that he has a personal issue with Shas. He feels that today’s reality must be addressed, stressing “I have nothing against Shas”.

When asked if he views himself as the minister of religious affairs, he replied “I don’t know”, adding he is not assigning the ministerial posts or forming the coalition government.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The bottom line is does he favor throwing in jail anyone who disagrees with him about the halachic status of the medinah. With the Lapid plan (and any plan that includes criminal sanctions for refusing conscription), there will be a “line”, and he’ll have to decide if he wants to be on the same side as the Hareidi Gedolei Torah, or the side of the Hiloni elites. If he doesn’t want to choose, he should be looking for a compromise.

  2. There is a bottom line here #1 and it is, treat frum yidden with respect and stop throwing mud pieces in everyone’s face. A talmid chochom and yiras shamayim can be respected and honored even if he is not from your party or group.

    Again, prison and jail has not been the mode of punishment expressed by anyone except YOU.

  3. Correction. The bottom line is the party is over and some are upset they wont continue to get a free ride any longer.
    You cannot live off the rest of the country, that is NOT the Torah way. But the Rosh Yeshivo$$$ wont stand for it because less Talmidim meand less Government funds for them, (and less status of course).

  4. #2 – When Lapid talks about criminal sanctions for draft refusal, he isn’t talking about points on a drivers license. He is also very clear in demanding to conscript girls as well.

    #3- The “deal” between Ben Gurion and the Hareidim was that the government would leave the yeshiva students alone – it had nothing to do with money. The “fanatical” Hareidim don’t even accept government money. A large amount of the money funding yeshiovs comes from the private sector – and Lapid’s camp has suggested it might try to get that cut off to any yeshiva not cooperating with conscription (i.e. ban Americans from sending money to them).

  5. Nothing wrong with banning outside money which is used to promote anti-government activities. The State should not descriminate between right and left Arab and Jew. It’s time to start reigning in all the extremists.

  6. It’s time to start reigning in all the extremists.

    Hard to do that, extremists have always been ‘in the eyes of the beholder’. Your extremist may be my normative.