WATCH: President Obama Full Statement on Death of Justice Scalia

(Saturday, February 13th, 2016 09:12 PM)

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  1. Mark Levin says:

    Glad he finished his round of golf first. SHMOYGA!

  2. It is Time for Truth says:

    One of the truly great heroes of the [legal] world died
    He was very religious ,but primarily he was uncanny in his ability to be articulate the Constitution
    And precedent for
    traditional Values


    He could be wrong on some : e.g. Citizens United( throwing wide open the limits on Corporate political donations)

    These low evil animals hate him for one thing and one thing only:

    #Scalia was an authoritarian, racist, misogynist & homophobe. Don’t expect people to mourn when a wretched soul like him departs this earth


    Found at a 5-star resort, #Scalia died as he lived: enjoying tremendous luxuries at the expense of minorities and the working poor.

    They’ll pick something that’s totally a red herring
    So now they believe in a soul?
    Really?! How convenient for the moment

    These sick trash respect Justice Kennedy who has been just as bad on or worse on all the above mentioned topics ,with the horrible exception of…

  3. It is Time for Truth says:

    Scalia stood for morality and level headed logic

    Very witty.

    A quote from a friend:
    I’m actually truly saddened at the death of Antonin Scalia. I actually got a mehalach halimud from him in the constitution. He was a goyishe brisker.

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