VIDEO & PHOTOS: Rabbi Yehuda Levin Slams Paladino; Pulls Endorsement

(Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 12:23 PM)

12:20PM EST: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, who introduced Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino to the “Orthodox Jewish Community” has officially just severed his ties with the campaign, and pulled his endorsement.

At a press conference held moments ago outside the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, Rabbi Levin made his official statement in front of dozens of news reporters.

Rabbi Levin slammed Paladino for backtracking on his earlier statements made in a speech at a Boro Park Shul regarding the Toeiva community. The speech was written by Rabbi Levin.

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  1. bombmaniac says:

    seriously? come on…paladino is a politician what do you expect? hes looking to win an election, of course hes gonna back down a bit when challenged like that…im not criticizing paladino at all, rabbi levin should know that these things happen.

  2. Ben Torah says:

    This is a strategic move on Rabbi Levin’s part, to help Paladino get back the votes he lost — now that it seems Rav Levin is angry with Paladino.

  3. arc says:

    haha. what did he think was going to happen.

  4. Avraham says:

    Rabbi Levin: Could you not have selected a better place than a cathedral — a Makom Avodah Zarah — to make your announcement?

  5. art says:

    Levin, for decades a walking, talking mechalel sheim shamayim and mevazeh Toah is at it again.

    Stop covering his “stories” and maybe he’ll just stop.

  6. yaakov doe says:

    Why would Levin use the Catholic St Patricks Cathedral as the location for his important announcment? Is there some significance to this?

  7. theprof1 says:

    I met him 40 years ago and he was a quack kooky nutcase back then. All he did was start to dress “chohuv” and oilem goilem thinks he’s an esteemed rabbi. This act of doing a press conference in front of a cathedral just shows you how sane he is.

  8. HaLeiVi says:

    Perhaps it’s only politics, but we can make it politicaly not worth back tracking.

  9. tes5884 says:

    Whatever… *rolls eyes*

  10. manishma says:

    Maybe Lew decided to run for governor himself. He already tried to run for Congress and Mayor maybe third time’s a charm.

  11. WellInformedYid says:

    We should have someone sane from the community make a huge press conference and make it clear that Levin doesn’t represent us. He’s only in it for himself and his obsession with his agenda. He doesn’t even care how bad he makes us look or how many Gedolim he bashes. Not to mention the bushah he brings on R’ Miller ZTVKL.

  12. ThenAgain says:

    In a previous posting I called Levin “Al Sharpton with a bekishe”. I would now like to apologize to Al Sharpton.

  13. BOND says:

    To # 5 ) I guess you do not know Rabbi Levin too well. He is a person who continues the great work of Rabbi Avigdor Miller Z”TL and goes to all lengths to make sure the Toeiva issues are brought to the public at hand. I do not know what issues you believe he was mechaleil shem shomayim about but he is certainly an advocate for the frum orthodox yidden whether it be here or in Eretz Yisroel.. Did you go to Israel to demonstrate the Gay Pride Parade group. Leave your loshon Hora and Motzei Shem Rah comments for a less respected site not te Yeshiva World News.
    To # 7)It would be best if you live with “Dan Lekav Zechus” , Do you know why he picked the Cathedral as his backdrop.. I certainly do not know..Let us wait for more information !!

  14. crazykanoiy says:

    Rabbi Levin does not represent main stream Orthodoxy or Chareidim.

    Terrible harm was caused to the Paladino campaign by the unauthorized releasing of Rabbi levin’s speech to the media and presenting it as if it was Paladino’s

    Rabbi levin owes Paladino an apology and not the other way around.

  15. yosse says:

    art says
    have you ever learned the halochos of mechalel sheim shamayim to pasken when someone is doing it

  16. MDshweks says:

    The work he does is very important, and he voices the priorities of Rav Avigdor Miller Ztz”l, which sadly most Rabbonim do not.

    I just wish this work was done by someone a little less rough, a little more “Meurav Im Habriyos”…

  17. mark levin says:

    If I lived in NY, I would for sure vote for Paladino, not that I would vote for Prince – or would it be Queen – Cuomo anyway!!

  18. arc says:

    He may be a talmid of Rav Miller and he may use his name but chas v’shalom is he doing R’ Millers work.

  19. aries2756 says:

    I don’t get it? Levin wrote the speech and put the words in his mouth and now Levin is pretending that he is withdrawing his support for speaking the words he told him to speak? Can anyone explain this to me?

  20. deepthinker says:

    RE: “Rabbi Levin does not represent main stream Orthodoxy or Chareidim.” (NO. 14)–



  21. Ofcourse says:

    deepthinker, do you know of any living Gedolim who are actively aligned with Rabbi Levin NOW? Not his positions/opinions, I mean aligned with Rabbi Levin personally and outspoken about their support for him.

  22. AinOhdMilvado says:

    WHY does everyone feel so compelled to rush to judgement about this BEFORE we even have the details of exactly WHAT he said and WHY he said it???

  23. gregaaron says:

    To #20:

    I don’t know enough to say whether or not he’s right or wrong (although I wonder why personal attacks are allowed here). I do know enough, however, to attempt to clear up one of your misconceptions – namely, there is zero correlation between homosexuality and child molestation. Both of them are horrible and have no place in our community. But Rabbi Levin’s agenda with the alternative community has done nothing to help with the child molestation issue, nor will it ever.

  24. MDshweks says:

    I can’t understand why nobody yells “Chilul Hashem” when Satmar meets Cuomo on video and all they talk about is the kind of hand-outs they’re looking to get, without any mention at all about any social or ecconomic values. and to add to the surprize, when anyone rebuks them about it they call that ‘chilul hashem’… It’s mamash beyond me, or below…

  25. deepthinker says:

    RE: “there is zero correlation between homosexuality and child molestation” (NO. 23)

    With all due respect, when society legitimizes a given form of behavior, even to the extent of brainwashing elemetary school children with the notion that it’s just fine and normal, we lose our ability to shield our children from the molesters, who seek to take advantage of them.

    Rav Hutner, zt”l, once observed that, when the “air” becomes polluted with evil thoughts, it affects everyone, including our children.

  26. Moq says:

    Baruch Hashem, he is making a fool of himself in front of cameras – the more the merrier. Hopefully people – specifically people in power, or the next candidate he offers to introduce to the orthodox community- will realize how unstable & one trick pony he is.

    I hope he wore his tallis in front of the church.

    Yehudah Ben – ? Anybody know? Refuah Shelema!

  27. deepthinker says:

    to no. 23:

    A well-known Gadol who currently supports Rabbi Levin is the well-known Posek Horav Moshe Sternbuch, SHLIT”A, of the Edah Hachareidis, in Eretz Yisroel.

    He conducted mass demonstrations against the Toeva parade in Jerusalum, at the suggestion of Rav Levin.

  28. BOND says:

    I just watched the 13 minutes that Rabbi Yehuda Levin spoke to the media in front of the St Patrick’s Cathedral and it boggles my mind that all the negative comments about him on this site , noone decided to wait to hear him out. Well after listening to him for 13 minutes straight it is my suggestion that all the people who may not like him or feel he is a nobody, He is the only one with the guts to do what he did and to speak out about a person who he befriended in the last few weeks hoping to have a candidate and a future new governor in the state of NY that will understand the frum yidden as well as the feelings of devout Catholics, Muslims, Blacks and other races that are living in NY State. The gedolim have a great speaker in Rabbi Levin who voices his opinion and speaks for Klal Yisroel, whether or not you want to believe it . He is doing Rotzon Hashem by being very clear that we want NO PART of the Toeiva movement. Our children must be protected and if the Governor shows weakness than what do yo uthink is going to happen ultimately. Maybe you want the yeshiva’s Rachmono Litzlon told that they must bring the subject of Toeiva into the classrooms Chas V’Sholom.
    Noone on this site did what Rabbi Levin did or has done in the past what he has done, so why is he being bashed by so many. Certainly something to think about… We owe him our Hakoras Hatov and he does not need to show any of you his scorecard or who and what Rov or Rebbe guves him support.

  29. SY Yid says:


    We Should merit to moshiach tzidkainu bemhera beyamainu and be saved from all of this nonsense.

  30. Softwords says:

    Rabosi – may I suggest those of us who are sane enough to see right through this “Rabbi” that we boycott any article that YWN has on him?! Let those that are either fooled by him or just feel that he is wiser than the Gedolim (a fool is wiser than 7 Sages) continue to support him in his foolishness. We, on the other hand, should totally ignore any article about him what-so-ever. That way he’ll start to lose all credibility. That’s what I plan to do for now on.

  31. Ben Torah says:

    #30Sofword: Please name one godol opposed to him. We already know R. Shternbuch supports him, in addition to the gedolim ztl who supported him.

  32. y2r says:

    Why Think Negative?

    Why Talk Negative?

    Why Be Negative?

    If you have nothing good to say about another Yid, don’t say it!!!!!!

    Rabbi Levin’s words and speeches are 100% true and helpful, one cannot refute the things he brought out, period!!!!

    On the other hand the Satmer Rebbi and others who met with the other candidate, (asking for vouchers etc.) pleading on behalf of the struggling families in our community, who find themselves falling apart due to the lack of income etc. are also 100% right!!!

    Gedolei Yisroel have been pleading with leaders of the nations for thousands of years, many of which were known murderers and rapists. Our Gedolim even went as far as to give/send them presents in order to find favor and secure favors for klal yisroel.

    We need a Yid However to stand up and scream that don’t forget that these people are Rotzchim, Gazlonim, M’Nuvolim… and admire & even advocate anti torah values.

    Thank You for reading.

    I hope I influence even one person to stop talking negative about another Yid, that would be a great z’chus for me!

  33. LBK says:

    Many years ago, yehuda levin ran for city counsel against anthony weiner and a liberal jewish woman (adele klein? Katz?). Some members of the frum community felt that Levin was going to split the frum vote with Weiner which would allow the liberal to win, and they therefore voiced their support for Weiner. Levin came to Rabbi Zakheim’s shul on Rosh Hashana night, got up on the chair and blasted various members of the shul by name saying “look at my children crying because of you”. Why wasn’t he worried about the liberal winning then?!?

  34. MDshweks says:

    y2r [32],

    Pleading with those in power for struggeling families is great, but voting ONLY BASED ON THAT is totally wrong!

  35. iluyish says:

    YWN Moderator: I feel like a lot of these comments do not belong on a website bearing the heilige name Yeshiva in it. Might I respectfully request that this whole news story be deleted? Alternatively, if that’s asking too much, can the comment section just be disenabled? Your sensitivity in the past to all forms of Lashon Hora has been exemplary and revolutionary in the ‘Frum Blog’ genre. Please continue your holy task. Thank you.

  36. charliehall says:

    Rabbi Avigdor Miller z’tz’l never brought a non-Jew into an Orthodox synagogue for the purpose of having him publicly criticize Orthodox rabbis.

  37. saftala says:

    When rabbis support politicians, they sometimes get burnt! Politicians will say anything the public wants to hear so that they can get elected……no different anywhere in the world!

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