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WATCH: Michael Bloomberg Says Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders Are 'Demagogues'

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he wants to keep demagogues out of the White House. And by demagogues, he means Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
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WATCH: Cruz Tells Hannity: Trump, Boehner And Clinton Part Of Same Corrupt System

Texas senator and his VP pick explain how they differ from the establishment on 'Hannity'
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WATCH: The Mayor de Blasio Investigations

There are multiple investigations involving Mayor De Blasio and they are intertwined and complicated. But essentially they all boil down to one issue and that is the use of money by fundraisers and donors to influence practices, policies and operations of the de Blasio administration.
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WATCH: New Chassidish Community In Jersey City Neighborhood, Raising Hopes and Fears

More Orthodox Jews have been moving to Jersey City to take advantage of the real estate market there. But not everyone is happy with the new members of the community.
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