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WATCH: Neturei Karta Defile Kever Yosef In Shechem With Palestinian Flags

On Thursday, February 16, a group of Anti-Zionist Jews visited the Kever of Yosef HaTzadik in the city of Shchem. They were escorted by Palestinian police. Following the visit at the Kever, the group paid a visit to the Palestinian Mayor of the city.
(9 opinions  |   February 26 )

WATCH: Krauthammer: Bannon Showed He Was Brains Of Operation

Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist gives his take on the united front presented by Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon against the media before crowd at CPAC, saying Bannon was representation of 'Trumpism.
(Add your opinion  |   February 24 )

WATCH: Vice President Mike Pence's Full CPAC Speech

Vice President Mike Pence addressed the crowd at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference.
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WATCH: Left Fear-Mongering As Trump Enforces Immigration Laws?

Tucker takes on one immigration activist as the Trump administration looks to hire thousands more officers, end 'catch-and release' policies and begin work on president's border wall.
(1 opinions  |   February 22 )

WATCH: Ex-Hospital Chief Says Health Care Swindling Must End

One former hospital president has a message for new HHS Secretary Tom Price: end predatory health care pricing that's scamming consumers.
(1 opinions  |   February 22 )