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Video Of Interest: Flying At 200 Feet In An Open-Air Plane

Matt Tisdale's Air Cam doesn't fly as high, or as fast, as most planes, but he says it's one of the most relaxing planes to fly, and it has a great view.
(2 opinions  |   July 27 )

WATCH: Bill Clinton's Full Democratic National Convention 2016 Speech

Bill Clinton walked delegates through Hillary Clinton's history in public life and their relationship during a speech at the Democratic National Convention.
(4 opinions  |   July 27 )

WATCH: Israeli Flag Burned Outside DNC As Crowd Screams 'Long Live Intifada' And Death To 'USA Empire'

An Israeli flag was torched  outside the Democratic National Convention, Tuesday night. A woman with some of her face concealed by a black scarf was seen burning the flag as demonstrators around her chanted, “Long live the intifada,” and a male voice could be heard shouting, “Death to the U.S. empire!”
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