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Video Of Interest: Rabbi Runs 7 Miles to Blow Shofar

Rabbi Chalom Boujnah of Chabad at San Diego State University, ran 7 miles on Rosh Hashana to sound the shofar to those who couldn't make it to shul.
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DEVELOPING STORY - VIDEO: Kapparos Centers In Yerushalayim Remain Closed As Shechitah Permits Not Yet Issued

As permits for kapparos shechita in Yerushalayim are delayed, locations set up for Shechita (ritual chicken slaughter) stand empty ahead of Yom Kippur. This is a developing story - YWN will update this as further information is available.
(2 opinions  |   September 30 )

Video of Interest: Happy Man Plays Accordion On Jerusalem Street

A happy man plays his accordion in the streets of Jerusalem for smiles - to bring joy to people ahead of Sukkot. Filmed with permission.
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