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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Terrorist Rams Car Into Bus Stop On Malchei Yisroel Street In Geula, Then Exits With Ax And Begins Butchering Victims

WARNING TO VIEWERS: This video is from a nearby security camera, is graphic, and viewer discretion is advised. Our decision to post this is compelled by the hope these images will travel the globe and the international community will realize what savage, blood-thirsty animals these Islamic terrorists are.
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VIDEO: Nu, Did U Invite Someone Yet?

VIDEO: Nu, Did U Invite Someone Yet?
[COMMUNICATED CONTENT] The Shabbos Project which originated in South Africa, has now spread to over 170 countries, reaching over 1 million Jews worldwide. On October 23/24, The Shabbos Project is giving Jews all over the world an opportunity to unite by keeping one Shabbos together. Inviting someone is a way to share the beauty of Shabbos with our fellow Jews. Invite someone today! One Shabbos. Keeping it together. #whoareyouinviting?  
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