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WATCH: Temple Mount Activist Yehudah Glick Who Was Shot In Terror Attack Seen Praying With Muslims

Yehudah Glick who was recently shot by a terrorist in Jerusalem, favored co-existence between Jews and Arabs on the Temple Mount.
(Add your opinion  |   October 31 )

WATCH: 2 People Steal A Pushka From The Munkatch Shul On Sukkos

Please help identify the perpetrators of this crime. A pushka (charity box) to benefit the poor in Israel was stolen on October 10 2014 at approximately 5:50 am from the main Munkatch Synagogue on 14th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. The theft occurred during Sukkos. Please contact the NYPD if you have any information which can help is apprehending these two men.
(10 opinions  |   October 28 )