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Video Of Interest: Motty Ilowitz And E. Volf Heading Munkatch Boys Choir - 190 Years of Pioneering Chinuch

Motty Ilowitz & Volf E. Kids Choir Sing Yiddish Lyrics at the Yearly Munkatch Dinner in Boro Park, Monday Night February 8, 2016
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WATCH: Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder Addressing Alarming Rise Of Anti-Jewish Chatter On Social Media

Legislator Aron Wieder addressing the alarming rise of anti-Orthodox Jewish and anti-Hasidic chatter on social media; especially on Facebook pages of government officials and employees.
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WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Brilliantly Strikes down Anti-Israel Question at Conference

Famed US lawyer and political commentator Alan Dershowitz, recently gave a talk and showed his strong passion for the Israeli state. After his speech at a conference he allowed the audience a chance to ask him questions. A woman of Palestinian origin gave a long winded question/statement, in which Dershowitz brilliantly shot down all her points, logically and brilliantly.
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