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WATCH: Tzohar Rabbis Concerned With Access To Shuls For The Blind

The Tzohar organization reports this Shabbos, parshas Toldos, is its second Shabbos dedicated to accessibility to the blind, explaining we read about Yitzchak Avinu losing his eyesight so the organization is running its second Shabbaton dedicated to shul accessibility to the blind and disabled. Chairman of the Tzohar Ethics Committee Rabbi Yuval Cherlow feels too often the disabled are forgotten and not properly looked after. Tzohar calls on shuls to take a look around and decide just how accessible shuls are to the disabled, including those who are blind or visually disabled. (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)
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WATCH: PM Netanyahu Thanks Italian Pilots Who Assisted In Fighting The Fires

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was on hand to wish Italian pilots and technicians farewell, the pilots who flew firefighting planed during last week’s fires around Israel. As seen in the video, Mr. Netanyahu thanks them personally for responding to Israel’s call for help. They explain their country sent four creds to permit them to operate around-the-clock, thereby providing maximum assistance. (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)
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WATCH: IDF - Meet the New F-35 "Adir"

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