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Preparing Oneself for Davening Part 2

Hat / Jacket

The Shulchan Aruch(12) says that chachomim and their disciples wrap themselves when they daven. The Mishnah Berurah(13) writes that one should wear a hat when davening. The poskim say this also applies to wearing a jacket even if one is married and wearing a tallis.(14) If one does not have a hat for davening he should not take someone else’s without permission.(15) If one normally wears a hat and jacket for davening and finds himself without it, he should not daven without it unless there is no later minyan.(16) The jacket sleeves should be worn and not hung over the shoulders.(17)
Some poskim say that one who does not normally wear a hat and jacket in the street need not wear it for davening.(18) Many are lenient with this issue, but it is proper that a ben Torah should wear a hat and jacket.(19)

Wearing the brim of the hat up is generally viewed as a “cool way” of wearing the hat. One should preferably wear the brim down when he davens, which demonstrates a more humble and submissive posture.(20)

Covering the Head with a Tallis

The poskim say that covering the head with a tallis humbles a person (21) and brings him to yiras shomayim.(22) One should cover his head with a tallis from the beginning of davening until the end.(23) When getting an aliyah, one should not go up to the Torah with only his yarmulka on his head. His head should be covered either with a hat or a tallis(24)

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