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Halachos Pertaining to Sleep Part 6

Sleeping on one’s Side

In the beginning of the night, one should sleep on his left side and at the end of the night one should sleep on his right side.(67) It is much healthier to sleep on the side because doing so allows the lungs to work better, so one gets more out of his sleep.(68)

Sleeping while wearing Clothes

Many people think one may not sleep while wearing regular (daytime) clothes because doing so causes some type of ruach r’ah to go onto the clothing.(69) The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (70) is the only one who mentions that one should not sleep with regular clothes on, and should remove them before going to sleep. However, the minhag is that one may sleep while wearing regular clothes.(71)

Segula to Fall Asleep

The Taamei Haminhagim (72) says a segula to fall asleep faster is to think about the waves of the ocean.

Sleeping on Shabbos

Although sleeping on Shabbos is enjoyable, (73) one should not sleep too much in order not to take away from what Shabbos is all about.(74) Many Tzadikim did not have the custom to sleep on Shabbos day and instead stayed up learning Torah.(75)

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