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Halachos of Forbidden Images Part 9

Drawing the Sun, Moon, and Stars

One is forbidden to create an image of the sun, moon and stars even if it does not protrude.(63) According to some poskim one is only forbidden to keep a protruding image of the sun, moon or stars in his possession.(64) The issur applies to any one of these items and not only all three together.(65) Any image which is commonly used to represent the sun, moon, etc falls into this issur. Therefore, one may not sketch a circle with rays, even though the actual sun does not have rays protruding from it. Similarly, one should not draw a picture of a night sky while leaving some white spots, as these spots represent stars.(66)

A Half Moon/Sun

Some say that one may create an image of a half-sun.(67) However, the moon is forbidden to be drawn even if it is not full.(68) The reason is because the moon is seen when it is not full, and we only see a full sun. Others are lenient regarding a half-image of a moon.(69) It would be forbidden to draw a picture of a half-sun in the clouds as people often represent the sun in that manner.(70) Some poskim say one may draw a sun on the corner of a page (even with the rays coming out of it) because this is not the way the sun normally looks.(71) However, others forbid this practice.(72) One should not make a peroches which has pictures of the sun or moon on it.(73)

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