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Hagbah -Gelilah Part 5


When the sefer torah is lifted from the bimah the tzibbur has to stand,(29) even if the sefer torah is in its own property (on a bimah with high steps). Once the person who performed hagbah sits, the tzibbur may sit as well.(30) On a day that two sifrei torah are read, and one is holding the first sefer torah, he does not have to stand when hagbah is performed on the second sefer. (31)

Reciting Pesukim

The custom is to recite the words of "vezos hatorah etc."(32) Some question this custom since the pesukim are not in their entirety, as they are from two different places in the chumash. (33) Many people say these words immediately after the sefer torah is lifted, before seeing the words of the sefer torah. The poskim maintain that the pesukim should only be recited when one actually sees the words, and not when one sees the parchment. (34)

(29) Refer to Rashba 3:281, Radavz 6:shnei alofim 16:page 39, Elya Rabbah 149:1, Shach Y.D. 242:38, Shar Ha'tzyion 146:18, Sharei Ephraim 10:18, Sharei Chaim 10:19, Be'er Moshe 3:23:2, Yalkut Yosef 2:134:16, Yisroel B'mamadam 25:63, see Magen Avraham end of 141. One should not stand before hagbah is performed because it would not be showing respect for the sefer torah (Avnei Yusfei 1:187:2). (30) Maharam Shik O.C. 65. (31) Sefer Chassidim 930, Shulchan Hatohar Karmarna 149:2, Kinyan Torah 5:16. (32) Mesechtas Sofrim 14:12, Shulchan Aruch 134:2, Ateres Zekanim 147:1, Be'er Heitiv 6, Aruch Ha'shulchan 3, see Kaf Ha'chaim 17. (33) Lekutei Maharich 1:page 96b, see Aruch Ha'shulchan 134:3, Yesodo Yeshurin 2:page 255. (34) Yosef Ometz 523:page 111, Be'er Heitiv 6, Mishnah Berurah 12, Sharei Ephraim 10:13, Darchei Chaim V'Sholom 224:page 78, Betzel Hachuchma 5:136, Siach Tefilla pages 247-248, Minhag Yisroel Torah page 180. Hagbas Sefer Torah K'hilchoso page 3. The Da'as Torah 134:2 says one should recite either one of the pesukim not both.

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