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    In this weeks haftarah, after the churban, klal yisroel thinks that Hashem has abandoned us, and that maybe our special relationship with Hashem is over.

    Hashem responds: Can a woman forget and stop having mercy on her child? Even if there were a situation where she could–I would still not forget you. And from that moshol to a mother, we can understand and appreciate that Hashem will never abandon us.

    And presumably, that is why Hashem created such a relationship in the world, of the unconditional love, for us to be able to use it as a moshol to understand Hashem’s relationship with us.

    I read today the debate from a couple months ago over whether parents should have unconditional love for their children. And it is obvious to me that they should. But to the children of Rabbi Aisenstark’s followers whose parents apparently try to break that bond, I say: Even if it is possible that your parents do break that bond, Hashem is not a follower of Rabbi Aisenstark, ????? ?? ?????.




    While I am very much not a follower of the above referenced shittah, perhaps one can justify as follows. The Gemara darshans that ?? ??? ?????? means the ???? ???, where the Jews said ??? ????? ?????. And ????? ?? ????? is referring to Sinai where ???? ? was heard. So maybe RSA was referring to when there is no Remez of Sinai left, then one discards the children.


    PBA: Your Mashal is even better if you tie in the beautiful famous Midrash on that sentence.


    Who is anyone here to pasken whether the RBS”O agrees with HaRav Aisenstark shlit”a’s position? (Not to even mention he is a long-time of many decades and highly successful menhael of a Beis Yaakov.)

    Keeping OTD children in a home where they are negatively influencing siblings and potentially bringing the other brothers and sisters OTD with them is a major shaila, and not something one can be sure it is even permissible to keep said OTD child in the home.


    gitmeshiga: You are misreading me. I am saying that regardless of what parents do, Hashem does not act that way with us.




    Your basic point is really really good, i really agree, although b”h i’ve never been there so we can’t judge.

    still, we cannot presume we know why hashem created this type of unconditional love.

    BTw there are numerous other proofs that parents love should be unconditional, so i don’t think the point is even up for debate


    PBA- what do you mean that Hashem doesn’t act this way with us? According to R’ Aisenstark (at least the way I understand it), at some point you can’t show your child unconditional love (that doesn’t mean you don’t have it) and you must kick him out of the home. At some point, when we reached a low level, Hashem hid his face from us, and kicked us out of our home.


    Look folks, the point of this thread wasn’t to bash Rabbi Aisenstark’s position (though I would be happy to in another thread). It was to inspire even his followers.

    If you don’t want to be inspired, don’t be inspired.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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