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    In the old days, you could go to any bakery and get bread because bread was always just flour, water and yeast. But in America, they came up with the idea of adding milk, eggs, lard and all kinds of other things to their bread.



    The OUKosher website lists different facilities for different kinds of muffins under their supervision.

    I don’t see that. All I see are a list of products that the OU may certify. There isn’t any indication of where the Kosher products are made or if these products are always Kosher, in fact the certificates I saw all list DDs corporate HQ address and state that the OU symbol is required.



    Actually, if you ask rabbi Belsky, he will tell you that you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can buy plain bagels in any store.



    If you look, the OU will say that this kind comes from “Maplehurst” and so on.



    Mr. Doniel -“What adulteration can possibly occur in the store of muffins and donuts?”

    I think I mentioned this in the other topic. I personally don’t see what’s wrong with eating these donuts or muffins, but I’m not a Poisek. But the impression I’m getting from you is that you can assume that any donut or muffin in any DD is kosher. This is by far the furthest from Truth. If you know for a fact that the store only gets from the Kosher regional bakery -then fine. But there are many DD’s out there that bake themselves. I mentioned that the Kosher DD’s in Baltimore and in Lakewood do in fact bake for themselves -so before they got their Hechsheirim you’d probably eat there. And even if you wouldn’t, by coming here with this topic, people reading this topic who don’t know better -you probably are being Nichshal them to eat Tarfus!


    Someone I know in the restaurant business told me that every 5th or so DD does the baking for the other stores in its region. Even if the region is larger then 5 stores, as I mentioned before, the cartons that get delivered to the stores are clearly marked with an OU. Interesting, but their egg sandwich box also has the OU. Of course, those are heated up in their convection ovens, same as the bacon, ham et al, so no matter how lenient you chose to be, there has to be a limit! BTW, most of the stores I’ve been are run by Indians, not Muslims.


    musser zoger

    Health- And even if you wouldn’t, by coming here with this topic, people reading this topic who don’t know better -you probably are being Nichshal them to eat Tarfus!

    How many times do people have to hear that nobiody can pasken halacha l’maysa from the CR. No matter how knowledgable a poster seems. Any question as to how to act and what to do should be asked to your LOR. Course that’s only if I’m not available.



    I spoke to Rabbi Mehlman last week, as he provides the hechsher for the New York DD (that have a hechsher). He said that about 2-3 years ago DD changed their procedure. They now ship the donuts (and other stuff) partially baked to each franchisee and each franchisee must finish baking it. Rabbi Mehlman said that DD franchisees without a hechsher can bake their kosher and non-kosher items together.

    (He said it was better under the older system, as far as kashrus, for reasons I didn’t quite understand. He also said some DD franchisees still use the older system, but there is no way to know which are which offhand.)



    Do they bake treifos in the same oven as these items?

    If they’re baking cheese bagels in the same oven, then that may not be a concern necessarily, since cheese uses vegetarian or microbial rennet, and is actually kosher per the shita of Rabbeinu Tam (Tosfos Avodah Zarah 35b, s.v. chada). R’ Soloveitchik held like R’ Tam, le chatchila.

    Furthermore, from Pesachim 76b, the Ran says that Levi permits the roasting of the kosher meat in the same oven as the non-kosher even Le chatchila. This is borne out by the Talmud Yerushalmi (Terumos 10:2) which says so explicitly. The geonim and most of the rishonim pasken like Levi be dieved.

    In the machlokes Rav and Levi, most hold like Levi- reiach from an oven is insignificant, and such food is kosher; see Rambam, Maachalot Asurot 15:33; Rif, Chulin 32a and Rashi, Pesachim 76b s.v. amar lecha, even if only be dieved.

    We are still left with issues of pat yisrael and bishul akum, though.



    somewhereone – Don’t tell this to some posters here. Tov Sheyewho Shoggegim M’sheyewho Mazidim!



    I only eat personally from a DD under Mehlman’s hechsher. But, the halachic issues need to be clarified.



    rebdoniel –

    R’ Soloveitchik held like R’ Tam, le chatchila.

    Someone else indicated this to me as well. I would love to see a source for this claim, as it is a big chiddush and a game changer.


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Rd, that’s if they don’t touch. Who says they are careful?

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