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    I stand corrected (I hadn’t realized that I was seeing the second page of the list of her posts).


    Shticky Guy

    I just think that most of the old timers are such old timers that they can not remember their log in details



    WB Shticky Guy!



    I remember the “bear from creedmoor” I think he lived in the Ukarine and was unfortunately niftar a few years book. I thought he was very funny and added a lot of humor to the CR.


    Shopping613 🌠



    Feif Un

    This is an old timer account.
    No, it’s not Feif Un, it’s DaMoshe. I told him the site was redesigned, and I wondered if his ban transferred over. He gave me his login info to check. Looks like his account was unlocked! I’ll have to let him know.

Viewing 6 posts - 101 through 106 (of 106 total)
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