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New Brunswick, NJ – July 16,2024 In an event that will be remembered as a landmark moment in the Jewish business world, Fidelity, a pioneer and leader in payment processing

Over 100 Israelis flocked to emergency rooms at several hospitals in northern Israel overnight Wednesday due to fears of having contracted the rare brain-eating amoeba [Naegleria fowleri] in the Kinneret.

Southwest Airlines plans to drop its tradition of more than 50 years and start assigning seats and selling premium seating for customers who want more legroom. The airline said Thursday

The nation’s economy accelerated last quarter at a strong 2.8% annual pace, with consumers and businesses helping drive growth despite the pressure of continually high interest rates. Thursday’s report from

We will Return to You ‘The Entire Torah’

A Philippine oil tanker sank in Manila Bay early Thursday after encountering huge waves, leaving a crewman dead and 16 others rescued in a late-night operation by the coast guard.

The rescue and evacuation of five bodies of hostages from Khan Younis that was carried out by Shin Bet forces and IDF commandos on Wednesday was based on precise intelligence.

Germany’s busiest airport canceled more than 100 flights Thursday as environmental activists launched a coordinated effort to disrupt air travel across Europe at the height of the summer holiday season

Hamas launched rockets on Wednesday from a humanitarian zone in the Gaza Strip, hitting a United Nations-run school in Khan Younis and resulting in casualties, according to the IDF. The

A reserve soldier was sentenced to 10 days in military jail and permanently dismissed from army service for publishing a video of the evacuation of the hostages’ bodies rescued from

Former first lady Melania Trump has a memoir coming out this fall, “Melania,” billed by her office as “a powerful and inspiring story of a woman who has carved her

The IDF announced early Thursday morning that Cpt. Ariel Topaz, H’yd, who ws seriously injured in a terror attack on July 14, died of his injuries. Topaz, z’l, 24, who

The gunman in the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump is believed to have done a Google search one week before the shooting of “How far away was Oswald

Three IDF soldiers were injured in a shooting on Route 55 near the Palestinian village of Nabi Ilyas in the Shomron on Thursday morning. Terrorists opened fire from their vehicle

Chaotic scenes played out in Washington, DC, on Wednesday as anti-Israel demonstrators disrupted the city during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress. The protest quickly turned violent, with

Jewish-American comedian Zach Sage Fox traveled to Ramallah to speak with Palestinians on the streets and find out their views on Hamas. It should be noted that it is extremely

A man dressed as a Palestinian terrorist released a video earlier this week threatening the people of France and French President Macron. “You supported the Zionist regime in its criminal

In a recent operation, the IDF’s 401st Brigade uncovered a tunnel shaft, an arsenal of weapons, and night vision equipment hidden inside a children’s bedroom in a civilian building in

Insisting that “the defense of democracy is more important than any title,” President Joe Biden on Wednesday will explain in an Oval Office address his decision to drop his bid

In a first since the October 7th massacre, a male survivor revealed that he was raped by Hamas terrorists, Channel 12 reported on Tuesday evening. Although there have been many

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