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    The law for PS is the unvaxxed kids stay home if there are any outbreaks.

    Seriously? You want credit for “already posting” that if you register and don’t go they will arrest you for truancy? Is there a limit on re-mentioning/clarifying certain facts? Is it a hardship for folks to read a similar but differently worded statement more than once? is that considered plagiarism? The mods posted so not sure why I am being scolded like a first grader. I am confused.
    Anyway, you need to chill or lay off the caffeine. Yikes.


    Here is a different way to solve this issue without having to convince so many people to send their children to PS. Today their are so many faculty members in the PS system that are orthodox, they give off Yom Tov as a holiday because so many teachers take vacation then. If the Rabbonim would ask all of these faculty members to give up their jobs, while at the same time convincing the Yeshiva’s to hire them or to convince the gevirim to sponsor them. I believe the PS system could not afford to lose so many people, especially with a shortage of good and qualified teachers. This would force their hand to give in.


    As someone who actually did go to public school as a kid, because i doubt any of you people did, i wanna try to explain what he is trying to ask. Really i don’t think he even know what he’s asking. He’s just asking why we don’t send to public school because frankly they might have a better education. but honestly, what you learn in grade school practically does nothing for you later in life, which is why we have college. So the questioner doesn’t know what he’s even asking. We have our own schools so we don’t send our kids to public school. I was there and switched out of the PS system because it’s not ideal for a Jew. So no, we shouldn’t ever send our kids to PS. That seems pretty counter-productive. If you even think about caring for your children, then why even think about this question, let alone asking about it in such a public forum such as this. Please think before sending something like this stupidity to such a public forum. I take great offense to this question.


    Hashalem613. What am I missing? If all the orthodox teachers quit they’ll be forced to give in. Why?


    Hashalem, I don’t see that idea working either.
    Even if there were enough openings in Yeshivos, which there aren’t, they would be taking a major pay cut, lose their pensions and health insurance- the Yeshivos cannot match what they were getting in salary and benefits from the BoE. That’s a lot of sponsoring, or risk sending a lot of families into poverty. Besides, these are teachers- men and women- who are teaching 7h a day secular studies- not limudei kodesh, they could not just shift over to Yeshivos. Some already supplement their incomes by teaching secular studies in Yeshivos after PS hours.
    Of course, if NYS gets their way, there will be a need for teachers for all those extra hours of secular studies- but the whole point is to to avoid that situation.

    Avi K

    OTD, I also went to public school. I do not know how old you are, but in my day (I am 64) the secular education was very good. It provided the basis for citizenship as well as basic knowledge of science and math necessary to go further. In fact, in my (specialized) high school there were a number of Orthodox kids who came for the advanced academic education. One went on to become a director of the Bank of Israel. I do agree, however, that today the situation is much different, as is society in general. The wife of a friend of mine once commented that her kids grew up frummer than her but she grew up cleaner.


    Everyone is speaking here as if the state is a logical person you can reason with. No one is going to do this, all this is theoretical. The state will not be “forced” to do anything unless some politician is under threat of not being re elected or greased or some such event that threatens his/her power. Face the facts certain forces were waiting to pounce when the Yeshovot were not paying attention and are making it worth the politicians while to do so. Looking outward to the corrupt government is only part of the issue. The unfortunate truth is we gave them a reason to impose these regulations and that needs to be looked at as well — internally and privately. Sadly, that phony Moster and his comrades would not have been able to win as they have , so far, without our help.

    The Yeshiva system is better but only marginally, there are definitely issues and anyone who is the parent of a “not-so-perfect-kid” knows this. Like I said previously, once you take money from the state, you leave open the possibility at any point for them to tell you what you can teach your kids and as we all see, this is very risky. So now that that risk has been proven, we cannot be in denial that there are kids that can’t “cut it” in the Yeshiva system and those kids are marginalized in favor of the “good ones” and are put through unnecessary shame/trauma, for really stupid reasons. We also cannot have kids that actually go through the Yeshiva system and go even a bit into the world and cannot form a sentence or a white a proper letter in English. Moster had a better narrative on this issue and we had no answer except to “react”. Yes he is a phony and he was paid/prepped/trained, but. We caused the cracks and provided the hammers with which goyim/Moster used to break the vessel of the Yeshivas. We first need to take back the hammers and fix the vessel before we scramble around like chickens with their heads cut off begging the goyim to stop hitting.

    Avi K

    Howdid Logicyid’s chotzaat shem ra on Naftali Moster and Lipa Schmetzer pass moderation?


    Moster is an apikorus. According to the Chofetz Chaim it is a mitzvah to speak against him in any and every way.


    Joe – “Moster is an apikorus”

    Who said? YOU?
    I think he’s a guy that went out in the world, but didn’t have connections to join s/o’s business and needed to go get an education. It’s obvious that you need a decent elementry & high school to pass College! THAT’S HIS AGENDA!



    His alliances (google them) make it pretty clear that education is the least of his concerns.


    APY -“His alliances (google them) make it pretty clear that education is the least of his concerns.”

    If your implying he’s OTD – How would I know? Don’t judge another Jew up!
    Even if he is, his not being successful might be the fault of his Yeshiva education.


    Just a note on the Dred Scott decision: The Supreme court did not reverse the decision. It was the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution that rendered the decision moot.



    You are not totally accurate in your comments.
    The 13th and 14th amendments superseded the Dred Scott decision of 1857,


    The Supreme Court overruled it in part in Kieppe V. New Mexico (1976)
    This was about state ordered protection of wild horses on federal lands within a state.
    “the Court said that Congress may enact legislation governing federal lands pursuant to the property clause and “when Congress so acts, federal legislation necessarily overrides conflicting state laws under the supremacy clause.”
    This writing by Justice Marshall in the decision overruled part of Scott. States could not rule what happens on federal land in their boundaries. Sometimes something that is moot can still be overruled

    Avi K

    CTL, in the Dred Scott decision involved someone who was already property whereas the Kleppe decision involved wild burros. The Federal government cannot declare property ownerless but it can declare that something which is not owned can be, in effect, Federal property.

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